not an inch more ethical than an election campaign

In a strange and unique development, the Warangal Zilla Parishad adopted a resolution on Sunday repatriating all the Seemandhra employees working in the district back to their respective areas.

Except Zilla Parishad chairperson, all the other ZP members supported the resolution unanimously. ZP chairperson E Swarna did not participate in the voting stating that such a move would create unrest in the region.

The resolution followed an attempt by the Kakatiya University students Joint Action Committee to storm the meeting demanding that the public representatives resign from their posts. There was a tense atmosphere at the ZP hall, where the students clashed with the police. It was only after that the ZP adopted a resolution in favour of deporting the Seemandhra employees.

Though nothing would come out of such resolutions, iIt is for the first time that it was adopted anywhere in Telangana after the revival of the movement. Even when there was a huge demand for the implementation of GO 610, there was no such attempt by any zilla parishad or mandal parishad. [emphasis mine].

that 'strange and unique development' happened yesterday. a day earlier, at a public meeting at korutla in karimnagar district, kcr repeated his promise that a new state would bring the youth of telangana loads of jobs. 1 lakh jobs in the government within the first four months of formation of telangana state.

it's not very difficult to move from the promise in karimnagar to the students' 'direct action' and the politicians' response in neighbouring warangal.

the first incident illustrates the nature of this so-called democratic, people's movement: it is founded on the same principles, or lack of principles, as any election campaign by the most irresponsible representatives of our political classes. just like any election manifesto, it dangles sops, freebies and everything under the sun to lure 'voters'. the second incident tells us that politicians and lured voters can touch even lower depths than those illustrated by the first incident.

elsewhere, other job-seekers made a desperate plea to the state government to remove the chairman of the andhra pradesh public service commission because he 'had adopted ‘anti-BC/SC/ST stand'which affected the career prospects of many candidates'. an rti application by a candidate who had appeared in a job selection test and interview conducted by the commission had revealed information that fuelled suspicions that prof. y.venkatarami reddy, chairman, had managed to award unusually high scores to reddy applicants who had appeared for the interviews.

i have asked this question earlier too, are the political and 'intellectual' leaders of this separatist movement truly interested in the lives of the millions of students and unemployed youth in telangana? their total lack of interest in the third event that was unfolding slowly over the last one week is quite revealing. do they really understand what 'discrimination' is actually about?


K Veeranna said...

I was quite surprised to see a Asst. Professor suddenly rose to the rank of Vice chancellor.
Maybe it is not that hard to believe in his current actions, when we see the way students are segregated in the hostels of that college based on caste!

Bhanu Prasad said...

--an rti application by a candidate who had appeared in a job selection test and interview conducted by the commission had revealed information that fuelled suspicions that prof. y.venkatarami reddy, chairman, had managed to award unusually high scores to reddy applicants who had appeared for the interviews. --

That is the worst form casteism. If proven true, Mr.Reddy should be fined and dismissed. His pension and other post-retirement benefits must be cancelled as well.

KC said...

The warangal ZP incident is a classic example of cultivating hate-mongering among citizens for political purposes. The same hate-mongering I was referring to when commenting on your earlier post.

sravan said...

You and other like you have a narrow, I mean very narrow understanding of a democratic popular struggle like telangana movement. You try to avoid discussing the critical issues instead make a childish silly arguments to make matters appear more superficial and the intensity shallow.
You criticize others for not discussing the otherside of a coin, but you never do.
Well....what has a resolution at ZP level in one district to do with an announcement that was made in another district.
You try to show one politician in one district as cunning and cruel, somehow driving the politicians in another distruct in making a redolution that apparently seems tobe foolish to you.
Surprisingly you do not mention that nothing of the sorts happened in the district where the announcement was made.
Do not make an argument just for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...

This is a good article to help accelarate your verbal diahorrea.

Anonymous said...


kuffir said...


the more you spam...er, comment on my posts, the more you reveal your own 'broadmindedness' and the 'broadbased' character of this separatist movement. you have already expressed through your comments here, and here and here and here your ill-concerned disdain for the concerns of the backward classes, the dalits, the adivasis, the muslims and the andhraites. put together, all those 'minorities' together make up the overwhelming 'majority' of telangana. those concerns are of course, 'narrow, childish and silly' in your view. the difference between your opinion and mine mr.shravan is one of what perspective we bring to our understanding of realities (like i said here, in response to other commenters who have ridiculed my views). yes, i consider this movement has a 'superficial' social agenda, or actually lacks one(as i said in this post and this and this and this) and many other posts), because it doesn't aim to bring any structural change in the lives of all those minorities who i consider as the bahujan, or the majority. and any grand 'people's movement' that doesn't do that is a 'shallow' upper caste movement in my view, intended to serve only that tiny minority of telangana upper castes and a narrow band of their clients among the dalitbahujans, especially sections of the more powerful obcs.

kuffir said...

to further continue:

'You try to show one politician in one district as cunning and cruel, somehow driving the politicians in another distruct in making a redolution that apparently seems to be foolish to you.'

the resolution, in my view, is not 'foolish'. far from it. it's much worse. it could be considered racist, by an 'objective, liberal democratic' understanding of the term. let me refer you to certain 'general issues' discussed in the 'Declaration' of the 'World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and
Related Intolerance' in durban in september, 2001 (page 5 of this file):

'1. We declare that for the purpose of the present Declaration and Programme of
Action, the victims of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance are
individuals or groups of individuals who are or have been negatively affected by, subjected to, or
targets of these scourges;
2. We recognize that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related
intolerance occur on the grounds of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin and that
victims can suffer multiple or aggravated forms of discrimination based on other related grounds
such as sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth or other

the scope of the term 'racism' has been expanded, and rightly, to include attacks based on 'ethnic origin' or 'social origin' or 'political or other opinion' etc.. the repeated assaults, through public speeches and written material etc, that the separatists have been making on people of andhra or rayalaseema origin (as 'thieves', 'cheats'or 'untrustworthy' etc, like you've implied here) has reached the next despicable stage, beyond mere derogatory branding and profiling. a local district government council in telangana passes a resolution to 'deport' *all* employees of rayalaseema and andhra origin in the district simply because they belong to rayalaseema and coastal andhra. because of their 'ethnic origin', not because they *all* (grades, classes, castes, creeds)committed any crime or violated ant law.

i don't know what your 'objective, liberal, democratic understanding' says about that but i don't see how that resolution doesn't amount to racist discrimination. and i am not going to comment about how many articles/provisions of the constitution it violates.

why did it not happen in warangal and not karimnagar? you talk like nothing happened in karimnagar itself. you don't seem to have heard of ministers being gheraoed in karimnagar and nalgonds by abvp/bjp and other activists asking them to resign. they should resign because the 'people' (read :the separatists are the 'people') want them to resign.

thanks for your comment.. as long as people keep getting so annoyed by my' narrow, childish and silly' views that they start making ad hominem attacks, they'll keep me engaged in making more 'narrow, childish, silly' observations.

Blueshift said...


Surprisingly Sravan, and his friend Sujai and his gang want to claim Telangana for upliftment of downtorden of Telangana.

you know ELSE
They will loose hope in Democracy...lol
ELSE they have Tractors
They have tamrind trees
and now Keybords to type in Broadminded articles.
Telangana Downtorden will be pushed into armies of naxals
They will burn orphans

Reality said...

@ Kuffir

Please write on whether we need obc enumeration in 2011 census or not. I myself am not sure how to proceed with this issue. In all the anti obc reservation debates we see people demanding for latest data ,but now it looks like govt and many people don't want this exercise to be carried out.

Reality said...

@ Kuffir ,Blueshift

See what Sujai wrote on the topic of T movement and naxals

Right now the students of Osmania, Kakatiya and other universities are seething with anger at the betrayals they faced by the Indian government. Most of these kids are from villages, from backward communities; forming the bulk are SC/ST/OBC students. That’s also the reason why the elite Andhras call them rowdies and hooligans. No matter what Andhras think, these students are our people, the future of Telangana.

Let us not hand them over to Maoist movements. Instead let us extend our hand and pull them back from brink of another disaster.

Strangely ,he seems to believe that only SC/ST/OBC students will turn into naxals. Wonder why !!!

sravan said...

exactly that is what I meant. And that is the reason why I asked to look at the article on whole and not on few mesmerizing sentences.
And telangana separate state is the need of all telangana people.
And this cannot be refuted with half-baked statistics.
Instead of focusing on the incident, it is against the logic to criticize the whole movement.
AP as grand scale experiment has failed telangana. Telangana people are democratically protesting that since three months.
ANd they had been brutally suppreswsed by use of force.
People here don't seem to be unnerved by the brute force use of the govt. but mobbing of one person is given a lot of weightage to denigrate the entire movement.

kuffir said...


strangely, he also seems to agree with the 'elite andhras' that they're capable of becoming only troublemakers.

kuffir said...


i'd referred, briefly, to the need for a caste census in these two posts, sometime ago.

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