politics, divorced from logic

one of the many conflicting arguments of the separatists is that a separate telangana is a 'purely administrative issue' ('paripaalana paramaina ansham'), and its opponents shouldn't make such a fuss about it. another imaginary conversation between a separatist, 'q', and ordinary citizen 'a' (read the first here):

a: if it was only an administrative issue, why did you have to make such a fuss about it in the first place (asking andhraites to 'bhaago')?
q: because the andhraites have been blocking it for the last forty years or sixty years or 2,000 years.
a: why have the andhraites been blocking it for so many years?
q: because they want to continue to steal telangani jobs, resources, funds.
a: but why are you calling this a purely administrative issue then?
q: because the andhraites refuse to accept the fact that they've been stealing anything.
a: it isn't a purely administrative issue, then?
q: it is a purely administrative issue but the andhraites are making a big fuss about it.
a: again, why are the andhraites making a big fuss about it?
q: because they want to protect their properties, investments here.
a: the separatists will harm their properties, interests?
q: of course not. in fact, they will be welcomed with a red carpet in the new telangana state.
a: then why are they blocking the formation of the new state?
q: because they want to continue to steal telangani jobs, resources, funds.
a: not because they're scared about their interests, properties?
q: no, this is a purely administrative issue.
a: it's not about exploitation, then?
q: it is about exploitation because they've been stealing telangani jobs, resources, funds.
a: that doesn't seem to make it a purely administrative issue.
q: it is. telanganis want an administration free of exploitation by andhraites.
a: well, exploitation has to be proven with facts, figures.
q: the andhraites are cooking up all kinds of wrong figures.
a: that has to be proven too.
q: why? this is a purely administrative issue.
a: it isn't about exploitation?
q: it is about self-respect. we want the andhraites to respect our presentation of facts and figures which prove that they're thieves.
a: how can they admit that they're thieves?
q: that's the problem with them. no respect for our culture.
a: so, this is a cultural issue?
q: no, it is about self-rule, about administrative convenience.
a: why aren't the andhraites accepting the fact that it is about administrative convenience?
q: because they're scared about their share of waters from the krishna, godavari.
a: should they be scared?
q: absolutely not. there are tribunals for that, we don't want a drop from their share.
a: why aren't they accepting that?
q: it's only a few among them who are raising all these doubts, fears.
a: who are they?
q: big capitalists. they've interests, properties in hyderabad.
a: should they be scared about their interests, properties?
q: no. our laws offer them all protection.
a: why don't they believe you?
q: it is a cultural issue. they've no respect for our word. not even our language.
a: they don't speak your language?
q: our language is different.
a: you're demanding a separate state on linguistic grounds?
q: no, we're demanding a separate state on administrative grounds.
a: so, what were all the agitations, the rallies, the social boycotts, the dharnas, raids and gheraos about? where was the need to ask the andhraites to 'bhaago'?
q: because they exploit us.
a: why don't you prove it with facts, figures?
q: where is the need to prove it? the centre should realize that this is a political issue.
a: you mean political decisions should not be taken on the basis of facts, figures? on the basis of ground realities?
q: we've proven that the andhraites have been stealing telangani jobs, resources, funds.
a: they're disputing those facts, figures.
q: don't see why they are making such a big fuss about it. this is like a marriage, see? can't a wife get out of one if she feels she is being exploited?
a: yes, sure.
q: so, why can't we part like brothers?
a: you were talking about a marriage. exploitation has to be proved when asking for a divorce.
q: this isn't exactly like a marriage.. it's like a family, you know? don't brothers go their separate ways in a joint family?
a: yes, they do. they don't even need to file for a divorce.
q: that's what i mean.
a: so, this is not a marital issue but an issue between brothers?
q: yeah. like brothers splitting.
a: then why did you need to make a big issue about discrimination, colonization, loot etc?
q: well, we want to split because we've been exploited.
a: that makes it a racial issue. of one race exploiting another. why don't you go to the u.n.,?
q: we didn't talk of all andhraites, only a few among them. it's not a racial conflict, jaati yuddham.
a: let me get this right. it's not a conflict between all telangani brothers and all andhra brothers?
q: no. it's a conflict between all telangani brothers and a few andhra brothers.
a: why did you say: 'andhra waley bhaago' then? why didn't you name the few exploiting andhra brothers instead of asking them all to run?
q: look, this is a purely administrative issue. you're trying to make it racial issue.
a: like creating a new district?
q: yeah.
a: you could've made representations to the central government then.
q: haha.. governments don't respond to simple petitions.
a: you said it's a purely administrative issue, so you've to wait for the administration to react.
q: we waited for nearly 10 years until december 9th, 2009. the central government responded positively but the andhraites lobbied hard and the centre went back on its word.
a: why did the andhraites object if it's only an administrative issue?
q: for the last time: because they want to continue to steal telangani jobs, resources, funds.
a: is that why you had to wait for ten long years? because you had to drive home the point that the andhraites were stealing telangani jobs, resources, funds?
q: yes.
a: that means the central government will have to look into all those issues, right?
q: why? this is a political issue.
a: because you raised concerns about exploitation?
q: yeah.
a: because you explained how the exploitation happened: how telangani jobs, resources, funds were stolen?
q: exactly.
a: and you pointed out how all this amounted to 'discrimination'?
q: and colonization.
a: you've expressed serious cultural, racial, economic, social concerns.
q: and our democratic aspirations.
a: but now you want everyone, including the andhraites, to forget all your efforts to raise those issues, and not probe them or dispute your claims.
q: and help the central government to take a 'political' decision to create a new administrative unit.
a: so, why did you raise all those concerns in the first place?
q: because we wanted to make sure people understood that this is a purely administrative issue.
a: what..or which people?
q: the andhraites.
a: but you've been talking about discrimination, exploitation, neglect etc?
q: that was for telanganis, and other indians. so that pressure on the central government would keep increasing. we didn't want the andhraites to listen in, that wasn't for their consumption.
a: but you asked the andhraites to 'bhaago'. also called them 'colonizers', 'thieves' and lots of other names.
q: would the media listen to us, give us any space if we couldn't raise temperatures everywhere?
a: i keep forgetting what this issue is all about.
q: it is a purely administrative issue.
a: you mean you wish to grab the administration?
q: this is a people's movement, the politicians do not control it.
a: but you depend on the politicians at the centre for a solution.
q: yes, politicians should listen to the people.
a: are the andhra politicians listening to their people?
q: they're misleading their people.
a: about what?
q: the people are being told how separation is not a purely administrative issue.
a: but do the people in telangana believe it's a purely administrative issue?
q: we don't mislead our people. we tell them it's a 'brathuku poraTam', a struggle for survival.
a: for the andhraites, it's a purely administrative issue because they'll lose nothing, and for the telanganis it's not a purely administrative issue. why?
q: because they'll gain a lot from it.
a: like what?
q: jobs, resources, funds for development.
a: jobs, resources, funds which are being stolen by the andhraites now?
q: yes.
a: if the andhraites will lose nothing, neither any jobs nor any resources and funds from separation, then how will the telanganis gain anything from it?

this conversation could go on forever, and the contradictions would keep on piling up. had accidentally posted an unedited version yesterday, but i don't think this updated version will help you understand the separatists' logic, as seen from my point of view, any better.


Kiran said...

And with such blabber they seek to convince the world about their case. I reckon their hope is that confusion will make up for their absolute lack of facts, data, and principles to shore up their case.

RealFan said...

This post exemplifies how clueless any discussion about Telangana will end up as!

The T spin masters from time to time come up with catchy lines like "Andhruladi adhikara aaratam, Maadi aakali poratam". They are experts in propaganda and very successful in brainwashing T public. Funnily, they are the ones crying hoarse that the media is not supporting them! But lets step back and analyze whose fight is selfish.

There are a number of outfits fighting for their selfish goals in the name of T. Separation means different things for TRS, Congress, TDP, different for students, Govt employees, farmers, different for muslims, Hyderabadis etc. That is why we can see so many JACs and conflicting outfits, all in the name of fighting for Telangana.

On the contrary, the Samaikya Andhra movement, is mostly uniform and is primarily about loss of revenue and opportunities from the state capital. Any objective person can see that this come out of public anger. But the T leaders choose to be blind and smear it as 'driven by a few Andhra pettubadi darulu'. I am yet to see one T leader acknowledge that seemandhras do have few legitimate concerns with separation!

Karthik said...

@real Fan

What are your Legitimate concerns from seperation? Can you shed some gyan around here?

Prakash said...

A few more Q&A's:

Q: who was the first separatist in India?
A: Potti Sriramulu but that is OK because he was an andhra guy
Q: Is "separatism" legal?
A: Yes the Indian constituition guarantees freedom of speech but only andhra guys should have freedom
Q: Did TDP pass a politbureau resolution for separate Telangana?
A: Yes but that was only for 2009 elections
Q: Did all parties support Telangana on December 7?
A: Yes but they never thought center will agree

hyderabadi said...

Even media is playing into the hands of Telangana directly off late.The media outlets should not take any sides .TV9 is sponsoring a movie by N.Shankar on Telangana.Shankar who says that Telangana artistes are being exploited in the movies.I'm a telanganite myself,I haven't seen Telangana language or culture being mocked in the movies especially.There are many villains shown speaking Rayalaseema,Coasta accents too.If anything people enjoy different accents.The Coasta accent is derided in Telangana and people used to be scared to speak in that accent in 70s and early 80s.
What TV9 is doing is wrong they should not take sides...

Karthik said...


Adding a few more.

Q:Did Congress tie up with TRS in 2004 elections and win In Seemandhra Region?

A: Yes, Congress did for votes, and were confident YSR would'nt agree for telangana.

Q: Did YSR talk about telangana while campaigning in telangana in 2009 znd dismissed it as soon as voting was completed in telangana?
A: Yes, Andhra's dont care about telangana people's self respect and wishes, that's why YSR did what he did and we fully support him.

Q: Did Chiranjeevi promise samjika telangana in 2009 elections?

A: Yes, he also wanted votes

Q: What did all the samikyavadi's do when TRS existed or 10 years?
A: Nothing, we always thought there was no need to take KCR seriously, we believed that telangana sentiment was a myth.

ved said...

Yes. That is exactly the point. Every political party is exploiting separate Telangana plank to get votes. They all spin it differently depending on what time of the day and direction of the wind.

The Open Terrace said...

Prakash and Karthik,
You don't have a right to raise such questions. You don't hv a right to feel bad @ Andhra leaders vote bank politics based on Telangana. You are supposed to feel good when you are told that "our relationship is that of a marriage, You the Wife and Me the HUSBAND. Our relationship is of brothers, you the Younger, me the ELDER" Infact, you don't have a right to WISH. Every wish of your would be decided by me. If someone like YSR says, "Guys to beat TDP, form a separate Telangana PCC" - DS & Co should oblige. If YSR becomes CM and bans the very 'T' word, you should gladly oblige it and shout, "Hail YSR!! - he stands for United AP". You should not asks questions like, "Who is that always igniting communal riots in Hyderabad?" - 'Coz Hyd is not yours. You should learn to appreciate statements like "One needs Visa to go to Hyderabad", "Hyderabad belongs Muslims, not to Telangana people"! You don't have right to question a samaikyavadi that "If you are a samaikyavadi, why don't you Condemn such statements?"
You don't have a right to ask "Who paid so much money to advertise a 5 minute samaikya vaadam song, at every 1 hr break, almost in 10 telugu channels for almost 10 days". It's sinful on your part to assume that it was sponsored by the Andhra capatilasts like lagadapati, kavuri, Rayapati, TSR etc. It's even sinful on your part to think that they are Capitalists. In fact they are the greatest saints who hv foregone all their belongings and business interests just for praja seva, that too with a sole motto of 'Telangana praja seva'. Accept that they are our all great Telangana leaders who established industries at Hyderabad with a sole purpose of 'Telangana deena janodharana'!
You guys shd learn to accept that every issue raised on telangana is logicless, beseless and mindless and whoever raises\feeds\nurtures such so called separatist thoughts are unpatriotic and are 'desha drohulu'. YOU clearly don't have right to ask a question "Does asking for separate state means asking for separate Country?". You are not supposed to feel bad when a samaikyavadi generalises every telanganite as a Maoist!
You are not supposed to qustion, what is the exact meaning of 'Samajika Telangana'? You are only supposed to vote for it.
You are not supposed to ask the question, "How do you define that 'Right Time' in the statement 'Right decission at Right Time'" - You are only supposed to vote for it.
You are supposed to belive in Pranab Committee, Rosiah Committee, SKC and any number of Timbakhtu committees.
You are not supposed to ask all these samaikyavadi's "Where were you sleeping when Congress allied with TRS, TDP allied with TRS, NTP merged with PRP. Why didn't you agitate then? Why didn't you reject those parties? Doesn't casting a vote to those parties mean casting towards separate T"

No! No!! No!!!

You don't have a right to think! You are only BORN TO VOTE! Vote to elect a YSR, a Babu, a Chiranjeevi and tomorrow a Jagan and a Jagadapati !!

Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema, Jai Samaikyandhra! (who cares Telangana !!)

Karthik said...


I think you now know what is meant by Telangana Self Respect. When we talk self respect, we mean this sort behaviour from political parties. Self Respect issue came when all the politiciand backfired from there word. Many Andhra people do not understand this.

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