why was kancha ilaiah attacked?

don't know until now how ilaiah views the encounter. i am sure ilaiah wouldn't have filed any complaint with the police, or other authorities because the interlopers were students. but is there any other way in which you could see this incident but as an attack on dr. ilaiah's rights, his family's basic rights? there has been very little in the media on what actually happened, apart from this news story, and there haven't been any other follow-up reports, as far as i could see. but why was kancha ilaiah attacked? what he wrote around a few days before the incident gives us some clues:
Finally it has resulted in the setting up of a committee. I only hope that this committee headed by a very reputed former Supreme Court judge and comprising other eminent people from different disciplines would do a worthy job of finding a solution to this vexed problem.

In an age of digital democracy the pro-Telanagana forces must provide enough evidence to the committee to persuade it to establish a separate state.

No agitating political force can say, “We will boycott the committee,” in a democratic process. The people who do that would only play with lives of Telangana people, as that would amount to saying “We would like to keep the question alive for making money and for seeking votes.”

But do they know the price the people of Telangana have been paying for the last 50 years? The issue has to be resolved once and for all.

Those who have been claiming to have taken part in Telangana agitations all their lives should also understand that the region has given permanent employment to some old types of agitators.

While Telangana has proved that it has the nerve to keep on fighting, it has also proved that constant agitations keep a region underdeveloped. The world has not changed so much through street fights as it did through deployment of brainpower in labs and libraries and changing the contours of production in the fields.

Of course, political struggles are important and engendered democracy and socialism but the Telangana struggle has no such transformative agenda.

Our students and youth should not be street fighters and self-immolators. Quite tragically, this agitation run by shortsighted people and underhand dealers made it the biggest “suicide” movement ever.

Yes, we should blame the Centre, the skillful Andhra operators, but we should blame more those who are counting those bodies to collect money.

and so on. wouldn't the separatists, so steeped in 'democracy' that they speak for 'everyone' in telangana even when they burp, consider those harsh words an attack on their 'democratic struggle'?


Kiran said...

Yes, it is an attack on his human rights. He was attacked at his house not in a public forum..his apartment was vandalised with slogans painted on the wall..and the worst of all he was forced to utter political statements he does not agree with under threat. he was a victim of fascism - of the text book variety.

Reality said...

I think the major point many people missed since the start of fascist attacks by Tvadis is the role of government. Is the government discharging its constitutional duty to protect the lives and property of its citizens, is it protecting fundamental rights like freedom of speech.

We are all focusing on T vadis so much that we are forgetting it is the duty of govt to protect Iliah or atleast punish people who vandalised his house.

At the end of day this congress govt will have the last laugh making both Andhras & Telanganas as fools.

kuffir said...


'and the worst of all he was forced to utter political statements he does not agree with under threat.'

and this is being done across telangana. the separatists definitely don't have any space for dissent in their idea of democracy.


'At the end of day this congress govt will have the last laugh making both Andhras & Telanganas as fools.'

very true.

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