be warned

less than half a dozen google pages yielded so many dire threats from assorted newspapers, ezines, portals, video sites, blogs etc., ignore the typos and heed the warnings:

Professor Kodandaram warns Jayaprada

TPJAC warns recalcitrant legislators of social boycott

Prof Jayshankar warns of civil war on Hyderabad

Harish rao warns Chandrababu & Erraballi

T Harish Rao warns Telugu Desam Party over Rajya Sabha seat

Harish Rao warns Chiranjeevi and Lagadapati

KCR warns Political Parties

KCR warns Cong against backtracking on Telangana

KCR warns Central Government

KCR warns Chandrababu

KCR warns to Centre high command

Don't provoke Telangana: KCR warns Centre

KCR warns of catastrophe if Centre goes back on Telangana

KCR warns Centre against going back on Telangana

kcr warns about militant action

Don't dilly dally on creating Telangana, warns KCR

KCR warns of catastrophe

KCR warns of emotional flare-up

KCR warns Police & CM

Kavitha KCR Daughter Warns Adurs release in Telangana

for those who haven't heard about the other leading players in this popular, telangani social drama: kodandaram reddy and jayashankar are both professors and 'ideologues' of the movement, while harish rao is kcr's nephew and trs mla and kavitha is kcr's daughter. ktr, kcr's son, has also indulged in a lot of dialogue-baazi, but google seems to have not paid much attention. as i had tried to warn you earlier, this is a very democratic struggle and everyone gets to warn everyone else (including other telanganis).


sree said...

More warnings:
Vijayasanthi tells Chiru to quit Hyderabad

Why should hyderabad be a part of a particular zone and why not freezone, is it not the capital of the state?

Anonymous said...


Hyderabad Cannot be a freezone because it is part of the sixth zone. Your argument that is Hyd is capital and everybody should have access to it looks good on outside but you should remember that "Andhra Pradesh was formed with conditions" and hence it cannot be freezone. Infact when AP was formed no zonal system existed, all job in telangana were reserved for telangana people, but andhra's faught and then came 6th point formula and zonal system.

My personal opinion on this zonal system. Gentleman's Agreement and other conditions are a thrash...These stupids agreements and conditions make it abunduntly clear

1. That Telangana people had many apprehensions on mergers and it was not done whole-heartedly. If telangana people had that telugu feeling they would have never asked for agreements in first place.

2. Andhra "Leaders" by agreeing to these stupid conditions which were against the interest of its people only shows how desperate they were for a well built capital city after loosing madras.

Things haven't changed much in 60 years, they will never change in future... so what is wrong in dividing the states. Andhra Leaders will never change.

Bhanu Prasad said...


Our police force is still in the process of turning into a efficient institution. As our authorities under-equipped and under-trained, there is no essential anti-dote to mob mentality. KCR uses his goons and mob mentality to narrow political interests.

Anonymous said...


Different context to this.. You need to write about mayawati and her money garland.. The one who proudly represents the bahujan's of this country.

Kiran said...

To anonymous at 1.15 pm

Splitting of the state was NEVER the agenda of telugu people - NEVER. A people who represent two groups which cannot stand together will not have the history that telugu people had - you would not have had visalandhra movement, you would not have had potha writing his ANDHRAmahabhagavatham in warangal and krishna devaraya saying telugu bhasha lessa sitting near telangana/rayalaseema border.

Even modern AP if it were so socially divided it would not have produced the countries most powerful CM's ever whether it be NTR, CBN or YSR. Division and social incohesion based on regions was never on the agenda. Jobs are on the agenda, water is on the agenda, social dignity is on the agenda. It is just some scoundrels who have linked with what is on people's agenda to division of AP. They should not get away - we owe this much to telugu people.

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