hyderabad forum for telangana?

how many of these people were actually born in hyderabad? in a very mulki mood today, and i can see that a major chunk of them were either not born in hyderabad, or don't work in hyderabad, or have been in hyderabad for less than fifteen years, or are not willing to chuck their association with their 'native places' (as the original very murky mulki rules demanded), have lived major portions of their lives outside hyderabad....

the problem with this so-called movement is that everyone, except i, has the right to speak for me.

was reminded again today by a non-hyderabadi with designs on hyderabad that the telangana movement is over 60 years old. hope they can all come together on at least this one issue of how old the movement is- 4 months old or 10, 30, 15, 40, 50, 53, 56 or 100 years old. i can tell them with more certainty that the ayyappa movement in hyderabad is around 30 years old, the ram janmabhoomi movement is around 150 years old, the tirupati venkateshwara movement in south india is less than 100 years old. and all these old movements are equally regressive and motivated more by magic and mumbo jumbo than reason.

i hope some of them have woken up at least now to condemn the recent attack on a hyderabadi who has done more work to stir telangana's and hyderabad's egalitarian impulses than.... all the shrill chants of 'telangana' in the last 4 months or 10, 30, 15, 40, 50, 53, 56, 100 years.


Space Bar said...

a non-hyderabadi with designs on hyderabad.

That's an equally problematic statement, Kuffir. Could you contexualise it? Only born Hyderabadis or real Mulkis can have designs on the city?

kuffir said...

yes it is problematic. but that's mulki logic (logic of 'hyderabad forum for telangana'), not mine. i'm only following their essentialist lead.

context..hmm.. an nri who nurtures ambitions of becoming a legislator/parliamentarian in telangana state.

rajkumar said...

What is tirupati venkateshwara movement? I'm curious..

Anonymous said...

Here is a report from planning commission of india. This report clearly states the imbalances in development in AP, criticizes the AP Govt. Telanagana, Rayalaseema and noth costal andhra are backword, but demand for statehood for telangana is lawful because
1. It has resources
2. the merger was conditional

the other two backword regions dont have resources as compared to telangana.


rajkumar said...

//the other two backword regions dont have resources as compared to telangana.//
Then it is all the more reason to stay united.How will Telangana develop itself if it doesn't have resources.It is preposterous.
If you look at the geography you'll find out that there are no strategic locations without incurring interstate disputes to construct dams other than Ichampalli.Even if they do canal irrigation is not possible much due to the topography.
Self-respect and self-rule cannot are not the edifices on which a state can be built.
If you need a state then fight for the erstwhile Hyderabad state to be resurrected as all the parts have similar backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

//How will Telangana develop itself if it doesn't have resource//

I have said telangana has resources compared to north andhra and rayalaseema.

gaddeswarup said...

Passages in that report seem to be from M.L. Dhavan's book on rural development. Can you pl. give a link to the planning commision publications? Thanks.

kuffir said...


tirupati, even though it had existed for several centuries, started attracting larger masses of common people outside its hinterland only around the beginning of the last century.


the question is not whether telangana- the whole of andhra pradesh including coastal andhra is backward (as compared with states like kerala, tn, maharashtra, karnataka, punjab, haryana, delhi etc).

the important question is: has there been any discrimination against telangana?

i've linked to three different studies/views which looked at certain certain objective facts.. and all the studies say that telangana has actually developed at a faster rate than other regions for 2-3 decades, even before the 90s.

'the merger was conditional'?

so all the votes the citizens of telangana cast in the last 15 andhra pradesh assembly elections were 'conditional' and have to be viewed as illegitimate, in a sense? were the andhra rulers casting all those votes in the name of telanganis?

thanks for your comment.

rajkumar said...

Whatever it is,Telangana merged into Andhra.Agreed it was very backward and underdeveloped before its merger but what was the condition before liberalization and merger?
How many leaders or people raised their voice against Nizam before the Uprising of '48.Where was a people's movement in Telangana? 99% of lands were with Nizam,his retinue and doras.
Look at the conditions now.There are schools and there are no firmans against anybody.
In whole of Nalgonda by so many accounts there was only one school and that too in Urdu medium.The literacy was 4% among the hindus.
Nobody cared that injustice was done on the citizens ,there were only feeble whispers of protest here and there.
Now there are schools,projects,industries in Telangana .
Only few people holding lands in Coastal are prosperous but what nobody asks is how many landless laborers toil their buns off and what they are getting in return.
The whole Telangana movement is born out of jealousy.

Anonymous said...


the report clearly talks of discrimination in irrigation. I request you please go through it carefully. There are many such reports.

Regarding agreements,
The point about agreements as someone has pointed in same blog is about apprehensions of people in this region about the mergers.

please remember, the kind of sentiment across all sections of people in telangana cannot come in 3 months or 10 years..This feeling existed since long time. I think that should be respected.

Anonymous said...


i am sorry, but you see this in a very narrow prespective. Where was jealousy in 1969 when the movement was there in 1969. That time hyd was not so developed.

For your reference, i will one example which clearly explains the benfit of merger to coastal andhra and despair to telangana.

1. Nagarjun Sagar Dam.
100% land submerged and people displaced are telangana people. 70% of benefits to krishna and guntur districts. and flouride water to nalgonda and mahbubnagar districts. its open fact because of nagarjun sagar limestone reservers were destroyed and created floride problem.

More than 50% of indutrialists are from these districts because they have benefitted from this dam

ved said...


Can you give me another location of NS dam, where andhra will be submerged and telangana gets most of the benefits? Please also explain how separate T will defy gravity?

It is disgusting to put everything in andhra vs telangana perspective when there is clear problem across the board.

Reality said...

@ Ved

If Andhras were smart enough ,they would have asked for NS dam to be built in Andhra area, true some andhra territory would have been submerged but ultimately andhras would have been holding the keys to dams water. But foolishly they listened to experts and constructed the dam in location which was most suitable geographically.

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