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It flashed in my mind this morning!!

The Perspective is very simple. This will be clear to the people who serve or served on the Boards of Companies or Corporations. Let me explain. In a company there are shareholders. Any group that owns or controls more than 50% shares is a majority shareholder. The rest are the minority shareholders. The majority group selects the Board, Chairman, President etc. They make the policies and objectives and they select the projects. They manage the available resources including finances as they see fit.

Any government including the AP government is similar to a typical company. The Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in the State Assembly constitute Power. The Telangana region has 107 seats and the Andhra region has 187 seats. In any democracy the majority will rule. With the majority, the Andhra MLAs will definitely control every thing!! Any rule by the minority is an aberration and cannot last long.

Also, any party that came to power had more MLAs from the Andhra region than from the Telangana. It is very unlikely that most of the MLAs of the winning party will ever come from the Telangana region. Telangana loses again and again! Under the present setup, this is very natural and there is no escape.

The fact that Telangana is a minority is the ROOT CAUSE for lack of the desired and expected development in Telangana. We cannot develop Telangana unless we fix this root cause.
there are no classes or castes or creeds or gender. geography is the only objective reality, according to b.venkateshwara rao.

how should women who hold only 16% or so of all jobs in the state government feel about that? how should the obcs, who constitute, according to various estimates, anything between 46 to 52 per cent of the state's population feel about never having got more than 15%, on an average, of representation in the state assembly? how should the muslims, who make up 9-11% of the population in the state, feel about not getting half as many jobs or one quarter as many seats in the assembly as their share in the state's population?

hope it would also flash in the minds of all women, obcs, muslims, and dalits of telangana one morning that they should move to coastal andhra or rayalaseema if they wish to improve their lives. that should fix the root cause, without any suicides, bandhs, resignations and lot else.

[thanks, telangana development forum, for helping me tide through these very depressing times with much welcome wit and wisdom, many times].


ved said...

I argued on many forums and blogs that the Regional hatred perpetuated by Separatists is the most heinous racism. How do you call somebody an andhrite or telanganite? Apparently if I’m born south of Krishna river, I acquire traits of cunning, cheating and every other unethical trait. If I’m born on the other sideof the border I acquire all the good qualities.

In fact it is even worse. Even if somebody is born north of Krishna but if his forefathers are from the other side of the border, then he automatically acquires all bad traits. How many generations you have to be born before you congenitally shred these bad traits is not known.

Recently some TRS goons forcefully occupied the farms of some farmers in Lakshmipuram village on the grounds that these farmers were migrated from Andhra some 50 years ago and bought these lands illegally (the next day the collector proved their false claims). Apparently these farmers, even after 50 years, are not Telangana enough to shred their ancestor traits. On the other hand KCR whose ancestors migrated from Srikakulam is perfectly a Telanganite. I don’t know at what point he shred the baggage of his ancestors. Perhaps his congenital trait will be recognized 5 years after separate T is formed.

reality said...

@ Ved

Some more funny things i have heard :

Telanganites don't do any corruption.

There is no casteism among telanganites

There is no dowry in telangana

Telanganites are cosmopolitan unlike andhras

gaddeswarup said...

I did my B.Sc in Hyderabad (60-62). I was short of money because my father wanted me to do engineering and I wanted to do mathematics and he refused to support me. My mother gave me some money and I settled in a cheap hostel which gave room (four in one room) and two meals a day for 30 rupees a month. I used to feel hungry and often did not have the money for an extra snack; masala dosa was about 25 paise. Then I made friends with a Telangana waiter in restaurant near Hyderabad YMCA. He said that I could eat using his account and pay when I get some money and that helped me a lot to survive those two years. I am sure that there are similar stories of kindness as well as nastiness from both sides.

Kiran said...

One is likely to left bemused at the stupidity of looking at regions like kostha, rayalaseema or telangana as some sort of political entities - they are not and they were not historically as well..there was no kostha empire or rayalaseema empire or telangana empire. Regions have people not nations or states...they just provide a space for people to live.

kuffir said...


'Apparently if I’m born south of Krishna river, I acquire traits of cunning, cheating and every other unethical trait. If I’m born on the other sideof the border I acquire all the good qualities.'


the claim of 'discrimination', requires two kinds of people: the perpetrators and the victims. because discrimination can only be established between two classes of people, economic haves and have-nots or/and upper castes and lower castes, they had to paint the andhraites as 'culturally' different from the telanganis. this meant the andhraites have to be 'othered' or dehumanized in the eyes of the telanganis.the more the andhraites react to this othering, the middle classes mainly (because this is essentially a battle between the middle classes), the more the animosities, the 'differences', between the two get highlighted thereby lending credence to the theory of two different cultures.

the original theory of discrmination on economic grounds would be hard to prove, so the separatists needed to focus more on raking up minor cultural differences and air them aggressively, to strengthen their demand on newer grounds-- this is a very cynical game.

kuffir said...

swarup garu,

thanks for sharing your experiences. the interaction between people of the two regions was much less then, but i've grown up among andhraites and people from rayalaseema from my youngest years. it's not just a question of a few friends or relatives or acquaintances for me..it's hard for me to express what all this tragic situation means to me,personally.. and there are many, many people like me.

those making the claim of cultural differences, across regions, don't really know how minor those are. most of the telangani separatists in the villages and small towns have met very few andhraites in their own lives..so all their convictions about differences (in culture, development and other aspects) are based on very little lived experience. and those differences mainly link back to some rigid traditions and ways of thinking which have to be abandoned if any of the three regions are really serious about facing the many challenges of the future.


thanks for your comments.

Rama Mohan said...

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