learning from the senas

i'd talked about it earlier, more than a couple of times. and had explained why the ideologues and the small army of eggheads, teachers, professors and activists leading the movement have to be blamed:
what we're seeing now are only the very early results of a concerted effort to purge a whole generation of students of all other defining characteristics (of identity) except shared geography. an obviously bewildered kancha ilaiah had observed a few days ago that suicides aren't a part of telangana's protest culture. what will this lead to in the future?
now, the future is almost here. the young supporters of the movement have moved beyond suicides:
When Speaker N Kiran Kumar Reddy disallowed the notice given by the MIM for moving an adjournment motion on the attack on minorities in Potangal Kotagiri mandal in Nizamabad district yesterday in the name of Telangana, the MIM members rushed into the well forcing the Speaker to adjourn the House for ten minutes.When the House reassembled, Akbaruddin Owaisi condemned the attack on minorities and demanded stern action against the attackers. He wanted the State Government to shift the injured to a hospital in Hyderabad.“You cannot force anybody to join any movement.We are not against Telangana or united Andhra Pradesh. You cannot continue your agitation at the cost of Muslims,’’ he said. [emphasis mine].
the separatists' intolerance towards dissent has been growing over the years, and dramatically in the past couple of months. their methods of 'canvassing' support for their cause have also become more aggressive. as i'd warned earlier, this movement shows all the signs of becoming another majoritarian project. and i hate to say this, but these attacks seem like they were planned at sena bhavan:
Medak district police in Andhra Pradesh arrested six persons in connection with some local people beating up 'outsiders', including some Tamil youth who had come for job interviews at the Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd at Ramachandrapuram near Hyderabad.

Medak district superintendent of police VC Sajjanar told the rediff.com that the incident had flared up as the local people, including some existing BHEL employees and members of BHEL workers' union, were angry that the final list for interview call did not include the names of the local candidates and the list was full of outsiders.

In view of the tension and the controversy, the BHEL management cancelled the interviews. But trouble broke out when the candidates were returning from BHEL. "There was a clash in which many outsiders, not just Tamilians, were beaten up," Sajjanar said.

"We have already arrested six people," he said.

Police officials agreed that apart from the local versus non-local issue, the ongoing agitation for Telangana incident was also a factor in the incident as the people of Telangana have a long-standing grouse that they do not get their share in the jobs in organisations such as BHEL and most of the jobs always go to the non-locals.
would the professors still call this a democratic movement?


Bhanu Prasad said...

Telangana was oppressed under Nizam rule for around 4 centuries. Now the inhabitants of Telangana consider muslims to be the representative on Nizam. Once a separate state is formed, I would not be surprised if BJP sweeps to power in a decade.

Most of my telanganite friends, have most hatred for muslims and andhrites occupy the second place. This enmity of andhrites and Telanganites will vaporize once a separate state is formed. But the hatred for muslims is just about ready to explode.

Anonymous said...

This enmity of andhrites and Telanganites will vaporize once a separate state is formed.

I dont think that will end...there are about 30 lac people from coastal and seema have resided in Hyderabad, untill alternative to Hyderabad city is established in New state poeple from Coastal andhra and rayalaseema will keep migrate to Hyderabad and i dont think Under KCR controlled govt T people will tolarate that! they may try to attack people like Shiv sena to gain control over HYD.

Kiran said...


Not just now..I believe these tendencies were pretty obvious much earlier (since 2004 or so and also in 1969). Forcing people to say "jai telangana" is clearly a emulation of forcing muslims to utter "jai shri ram" during ramjanma bhoomi agitation in early 90s. The more stronger they believe they are the more obvious tendencies get.
We are now facing fascists.

kuffir said...

bhanu prasad,

one of my main objections to the agruments of the separatists is that they generalize, stereotype people along regional lines. let's not fall into that line of thinking, please.


'I dont think that will end'. that's my fear too. it's not the telangani people at large, despite the very loud assertions of their self-appointed guardians, but a small class of people with a lot of vested interest in dividing people who will continue to use the profitable 'hyderabad for telanganis' card.

kuffir said...


yes. i'd said these tendencies have grown over the years, and dramatically in the past couple of months.

Rama Mohan said...

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