the spell would break?

The committee appointed by the Centre to examine the Telangana issue has also been asked to examine the option of a united Andhra Pradesh, prompting those demanding a separate statehood to denounce the panel.

In Hyderabad, Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who has been spearheading the agitation, said, “The Centre has betrayed us once again.” He directed all his party MPs, MLAs and MLCs to resign immediately.

they don't want the hysteria to cool down, the hatred to be diluted, reason and debate to prevail. because debate might break the spell and make people think. like i had hinted earlier, they don't want to talk:

i don't think they'd like to talk now, considering most of their talk until now has been mostly gossip, innuendo and rumour. now, they might have to talk facts, because the committee may rather listen to facts. perhaps, that's what they've been avoiding until now. a discussion of facts which might rip apart most of their claim. and all that they might be left with is the clever logic that it's their culture to talk around facts.
so they've called for a bandh again. what could be more dangerous than letting in some fresh air into so tightly shut minds?


Bhanu Prasad said...

That's a great move from Center. Now the arguments of telangana intellectuals will fall like a pack of cards.

But there is a distinct possibility of Congress arm twisting the committee to table a pro-telangana report, so that it can gain some political mileage.

Anonymous said...

The Govt of India has clearly gone back on the 9th Dec statement. Its ridculous to equate the Telangana movement to samikyaandhra movement. Thats an insult to all the people who have scarificed there lives.

There is enough data on development front to justice the claim. I agree that there are ditricts in northern kosta and seema that are backward compared to districts in telangana. You cant compare these becuase the state of AP was a conditional merger. On this basis there is lawful case for telangana.

gaddeswarup said...

If Telangana does not become a seperate state after this agitation ( I have doubts whether this will be good for Telangana), is there some way of using it to get regional bodies etc. with some teeth for more better development?

Bhanu Prasad said...

One more lathi charge in OU..it looks as if the action has begun again.....

Reality said...

I don't get why Telangana agitators are against Sri Krishna commission TOR. They don't doubt the commission but they are against TOR. As per TOR commission will look into the development issue. Since telangana agitators always claim that telangana was exploited by andhra and they have proved that with stats , then it follows that commission should also make same decision. The fear of T agitators prove that their data and stats are fabricated and twisted.

kuffir said...


i was writing a long response to your comment when the power went out. i think that's how i feel about the committee: that you can only talk when there is a facilitating mechanism, environment.

the political efforts of the separatists until now were directed towards delegitimizing the state political leadership in the eyes of the telangani people so that no discussion could happen here. they've succeeded to that extent because most of their arguments on economic issues could've been quashed here by the govt coming up with relevant data.

but this opportunity to air different views, and to bring to light the true picture on many economic issues, especially on allocations, is good, i think, even though i don't like the idea of delhi creating the forum, for many reasons.

kuffir said...


'Its ridculous to equate the Telangana movement to samikyaandhra movement.'

yes, of course. you're more equal than others.


you've touched upon the core concerns behind the separatists' reactions, i think.

swarup garu,

it's an idea that's been tried earlier, without much sincerity. the way our politics are structured, the executive leadership in the ruling party usually doesn't like sharing power with other power centres. so instead of regional boards that might seem to challenge the executive on all functional areas, maybe boards which focus on equitable distribution in such specific areas as irrigation etc would solve most of the disagreements, and ill-will, i think.

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