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HYDERABAD: Telangana JAC convener M Kodandaram on Tuesday said the services and products of the companies owned by “anti-Telangana” businessmen would be boycotted. The list of products would be announced soon after holding meeting with Telangana organisations and the JAC partners.
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"We will boycott the services, goods and commodities produced by the affluent classes from non-Telangana regions who are opposing separate Telangana. We have no issues with the common people whatever their views are on the Telangana demand," JAC convener C Kodandaram told reporters.
do life saving drugs count? anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of hiv? drugs to treat cardiovascular ailments?

why bother about particular products and services or businessmen? ban them all. why go around polluted industrial estates to discover how many of the andhra pharma manufacturers in hyderabad have spoken out against telangana, for instance? ban them all. hit them where it hurts. but also make sure that telangani consumers don't get hurt. teach them how to overcome any problems. it doesn't matter if a large number of telangani suppliers, traders, retailers and workers also get hurt. you think there won't be any telangani consumers left after all those people foolish enough to be associated with andhraites are hurt? not to worry. we'll build a brave new telangana where no one has to depend on anyone else: no one does any business with anyone else, produces products for anyone else or consumes products sold by anyone else. there'd be no exploitation, because there'd be no workers, or work.

but how can telangani consumers be protected? let's look at a couple of products produced by andhraites and explore how we can avoid using them without hurting ourselves.

patients from telangana should seriously think of changing the diseases that plague them if they want any treatment in the near future, 30-40% of all bulk drugs manufactured in india are produced by mostly andhra producers in hyderabad, so there is very little chance that most of the pills you buy for battling with very serious ailments haven't any andhra or hyderabad connection. so, change your disease and also switch to less serious ailments like, say, the common cold.

also start learning to live with a lot less electricity, because most of the surplus power produced in andhra-rayalaseema is used in telangana. use fancy stuff like tube-lights and other lamps every other day, never use luxury appliances like fans. save all the power you can because there'd be very little left after ensuring free power for all the agricultural pump-sets in telangana. sell your fridges, televisions etc as scrap and send the proceeds to the telangana jac so that they can buy flowers from the netherlands and belgium etc to organize bathukamma celebrations across telangana and the world to raise awareness about telangani culture and the need for a separate state.

use less onion. maybe a slice a week. you don't want any businessman or farmer in kurnool to benefit from trade in your tears. you'll need them for cnn ibn or hmtv etc.

[ there might be exaggerations in this post, but how does one deal with this hugely irrational idea?]


Bhanu Prasad said...

Tomorrow these also will be added:

a)Telanganites must not use Hyderabad Metro rail, as we see 90% of bids have been submitted by Andhra Capitalists

b) Telanganites should not read newspapers as almost all of them are owned by seemandhra capitalists

c)Telanganites should resign from all the andhra owned software and real estate firms.

The stupidity goes on and on.

scripthoster said...

kufr ji,

You forgot windows 7
(most of it bulit by capitalist andhras in gachibowli).

google search(run out of andhra capitalist building 'janapriya' )

reality said...

This boycott call is totally unacceptable. This type of things will damage the integrity of this country. Kodandaram should be charged with appropriate cases.

Imagine if VHP gives a call for boycott of minorities or upper caste organizations give a call for boycott of backward castes . Will the state remain silent then ? Why is it not acting now ?

kuffir said...


:) thanks for the additions/reminders.


'This type of things will damage the integrity of this country.'

some people believe the disintegration of the state/telugus is essential for the integrity of the country. my concerns run like this: if the political/cultural rights of such large linguistic groups as the telugus can be so easily overlooked, should all the smaller cultural, religious, social and other kinds of minorities continue trust in the state of india, so blindly?

reality said...


I totally agree with you. Whatever the outcome of this agitation would be , people should ask questions regarding federalism . Center seems to be having too much power in its hands . Serious debate needs to happen in this country regarding american model of federalism or other models.

Also i read in other forums regarding some conspiracy theories on why Dec 9th statement came in first place. It looks like Rajmata ,prince baba had some ulterior motives in splitting AP.

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