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Ourtelangana.com exists for the sole purpose of facilitating a Telangana state .Though we encourage all users including those who have questions about "why we need Telangana”, we absolutely will not tolerate any demeaning statements about our culture, our leaders, our students, our people nor our demand for a seperate state.

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have you ever come across such a website? they open a window to the world, through the internet, just to tell it that it's not welcome. elsewhere on the site, they say:

3. Globalization: We don't want to miss the fruits of the globalization. Even though Hyderabad city has many IT and Pharma , most of our young people don't have adequate education to take up the jobs. Our education system has been discriminated for the last 5 decades and we can only improve our children lives with our own rule.

they don't want to miss the fruits of globalization, but would rather meet the world through closed doors. a question: do you think they've decided whether they want the shamshabad international airport or not? or would visitors be waved through only if they say 'jai telangana'?

kalpana kannabiran says:

The history of the Telangana region is a history of political radicalism and resistance to forces of conservatism across the board – ranging from fundamentalism and feudalism to authoritarian “democracy” to dogmatic and patriarchal communism. It is this history of Telangana that will set the new state apart. At a time when global capitalism has eaten into our economies and our lives, Telangana having paid a particularly heavy price, we need to draw on our history of political radicalism and set out the non- negotiables – resistance to virulent capitalism and discrimination being an important part of state policy.
that seems a clear 'no' to globalisation. like all globalized protectors/activists of the grassroots, ms.kannabiran would like to see that the grassroots stay rooted. another class of globalized telanganis, also very protective of the vulnerable grassroots stupid enough to stay rooted, say:
Q: Globalization & Telangana.
A: It is a mistake to construe Telangana question as a part of Anti-Globalisation movement and sentiment. In fact many people who are supporting Telangana statehood are supporters of Globalisation of economy. Both the positions are not contradictory. Telangana movement is against colonization not Globalisation. There is a big difference between them.
In fact many people who are supporting Telangana statehood are supporters of Globalisation of economy. are they? are many people sure about what they want from telangana, forget whether they want globalisation or not?

is kura rajanna, of the cpi (ml), janashakti group, a staunch supporter of telangana also a supporter of globalisation?
Will you put a halt to (LPG) -- liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation in separate Telangana? Are you going to impose your own version of Vision-2020? Will the State violence continue in case you succeed? Will all the landless get land in such a separate State? Will it have Sixth Schedule so that tribal autonomous councils could be formed?
do the politicians agree with rajanna?
Mr. Rao assured them that the people of Telangana would not like to lose the industry when their State was formed. They would roll out a red carpet welcome to the industry in the separate State. He recalled that Hyderabad had a rich history of accommodating all sections of people.
but there are other politicians, some from kcr's own family, who want to impose visa-like restrictions on people who want to work in hyderabad. a learned person i had met a couple of days said, something like: isn't the telangana movement a response to globalization? i feel it is too many responses to globalisation, and no coherent answers.

and among the responses, you can see undercurrents of thackerayism, ludditism, rentier capitalism, maoist adventurism, definite tendencies toward fascism, autarkic fundamentalism and lots of other not so rational ideas and ambitions.

again, do they know what they want? the world thinks it can do business with hyderabad, and that means trade in not just goods and services but also ideas, cultures, and people. all the people referred to earlier in this post have benefitted, personally, from such global flows. there is no unanimity among them on the question of globalization, but they all want keys to the gates to the world.


reality said...


This whole Telangana movement has a commie flavour to it. They openly declare capitalists as exploiters. Communism has failed in all parts of the world . India wasted 2 generations potential with its "socialist" agenda. We have made great strides since liberalisation. Many sections of poor people were able to move into middle class in the recent decades.

I don't mind them hating andhras but for them to hate capitalists is scaring me. Telangana state if it forms will push telangana further back with all communist policies.

kuffir said...


you attribute one, clear vision to the separatist movement.. i am not sure any such clarity informs it..as i said in this post, and earlier, there are too many contradictory ideeologies and interests behind this movement.

Blueshift said...

Kufr....its actually

Globalization and its fruits for tamarind fruit owners


Poverty and naxalism for toddy tree owners and Dalitbahujans...

Bhanu Prasad said...


You are spot on. The other day I came across a group of Telangana intellectuals criticizing Metro Rail Project. They considered this as an act of exploitation.

And the reason being the involvement of seemandhra infra companies.

Rama Mohan said...

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