"Will the country's border finally be moved to your doorstep?"

terrorists have committed mass murder at the taj, the vt (okay, the cst) and almost got away with it. before that, they planted bombs in every major city in india- at places of worship, bazaars, trains, restaurants. is there any place in the country that is safe? will the country's border finally be moved to your doorstep?

that could be the bjp's slogan for the next elections. you can also picture the visuals that'd accompany the advertisements- dramatic snapshots of mayhem. and simplistic efforts at pinning all the blame on one community, the muslims.

no that isn't the bjp's slogan for the next elections (i am not ruling out the posibility that it could be something similar). it was a slogan the congress had used 25 years ago, for the 1984 elections. and the sikhs were the community that were targeted then.

it worked, electorally, and the bjp (or its parivar), which had been floundering for decades desperately searching for a winning formula, managed to lose all but two seats that it had contested. but it did finally find the formula, thanks to the congress.

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