my wise grandfather owes thanks to anand giridhardas (a naive idea- 2)

India did not export brains; it invested them. It sent millions away. In the freedom of new soil, they flowered. They seeded a new generation that, having blossomed, did what humans have always done: chase the frontier of the future.
(because i'd to chase the frontier of the future and needed your grandfather's sweat and blood and his faith, above all, to lay the road he'd never use. good that your grandfather was wise enough to invest in me and not spend on his silly needs. this helped us build, together, a nation that valued my freedom to find new soil to flower and return two or three generations later, having blossomed, to build a great future for your grandfather.)


Anonymous said...

you're missing a verb between "i'd" and "to" and i must say, i wish you'd write more straightforwardly rather than in such an convoluted way that i strain to unpack what it is you're saying.

yes, yes, i'm a moron and your style is no doubt radical and progressive and i should just humbly bow my head -- or maybe clarity is a nice thing.

kuffir said...


thanks. but i think it's ok. i like convoluted. sorry, but i don't know you- isn't that the whole point about commenting anonymously?

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