mps who don't care a d#%^ about their constituents

sonia gandhi and l.k.advani. and many more who never asked any questions or voiced their constituents' concerns in the lok sabha.

and many of those mps would be re-elected this summer. why?


Smoke Screen said...

Why indeed. A question that should worry all of us. As voters we've done our share, too, to perpetuate this mess, haven't we?

Delurking to say - thought-provoking blog. Thanks much for the incisive views.

kuffir said...


welcome :)

Space Bar said...

kuffir: wish you would do a post about what our options really are, as voters, in this time before the elections. I see rallies, posters, convoys of cars but no one has come to canvas. I don't know who the candidates are, what their record is, what their position is on anything.

What if none of them are satisfactory (which is most likely)? What can I do?

This is a serious question.

Maybe BB should also have a tab only for following elections.

kuffir said...


you're prescient or something :)i'd been thinking about a broadly similar post for some time- not going into specifics a lot, but outlining, in my very subjective view, those issues on which i feel there should be greater focus. will do it as soon as i am done with some unfinished drafts. thanks for the suggestion.

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