wanted: an alert and smartly dressed pm

"I think Advani has come out of Vajpayee's shadow and has coined a place for himself. He's alert, smartly dressed and all. The young people see him as the Winston Churchill of India. He is a tough, decisive and lovable person."
he's alert, smartly dressed and all. like winston churchill. wasn't churchill sozzled all the time? are all guests on indian television sozzled all the time?

tough, decisive and lovable. like idi amin before he started cooking his guests?


BVN said...

There is so much 'young' people thrown around in BJPs campaign, Advani's website is like one stop source for all youth needs from IT to preserve Indian culture to asking " a generation reared on fat pay cheques and ambition" to lash out at the government. these coterie people dont get it, do they?

kuffir said...

he he. what's very amusing is the titles they give themselves- like calling advani 'iron man' etc.,

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