"Why should you feel uncomfortable riding in a taxi driven by a taxi driver who belongs to another state?"

why doesn't the government do something about all these dangerous migrants from other states? why don't they go back to their home states? why doesn't the government send them back to their home states?

no, that's not any sena/sene making those demands, inciting those passions. it was the congress cautioning the electorate about sikhs during the 1984 elections. i had pointed out in this post how the congress' narrow interpretation of secularism suits the parivar perfectly, and the parivar's even narrower interpretation makes the congress look very liberal. both these parties together, with consistent help from the communists, have turned all discourse on secularism in india into a purely hindu-muslim divide, ignoring all divisions within those divisions and exceptions that can never fit into that divide. 60 years from 1947, those parties are still almost entirely led by upper caste individuals representing their own narrow interests: i've given up all hopes of those parties ever being afflicted by a sense of shame.

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