chidambaram says tdp's cash dole promise makes no economic sense

chidambaram would like the poor to use the service entrance, always, and to never barge in through the front door, i suppose. the nregs shows them their place? what does the nregs (and chidambaram) expect the poor to do? sidle in through the gate of this huge mansion where the mai-baap sarkar lives, and if you get past that and receive a job card, tread softly and unobtrusively, always clinging to the walls of the compound, negotiating assorted other project/programme/panchayat personnel and if you manage to slip past them to the back of the mansion...you wait. till you're called and shown the dirty dishes which you're supposed to clean. without using scrub or soap. and weeks later, when you go back for your wages, follow the same sidling, treading, clinging, waiting process. you might get lucky the first time. and if you don't, follow the same waiting, sidling, treading, clinging, waiting process again.

if he wasn't in power, and he wasn't sitting beside y.s.rajashekhar reddy, who has converted the pre-2004 outrage over farmers' suicides into a mandate for making unimaginable amounts of money (the cpm's top leader in the state had accused the chief minister of making over rs.10,000 crores, significantly, when they were still a part of the u.p.a.,) for his family, his contractor-mlas, and his partymen from large badly planned irrigation projects (canals without reservoirs, reservoirs without water, lift irrigation projects without power), mr.chidambaram, who has lamented on several occasions the purposelessness of 'outlays without outcomes' would see a lot of sense, and not just economic, in naidu's dole.

health and education should've first claim on the revenues of the state, mr.chidambaram? and how did your government at the centre (and in congress ruled andhra pradesh and other states) recognize those claims? expenditure on both areas hasn't reached half the targets you set yourself in the common minimum programme.

you'll talk better sense after losing the elections, i'm sure.


Gollappa said...

Inspite of all our efforts since Ambedkar we have not been able to rein in Brahmins. You see anti-brahminism is all around. No community is as much hated as Brahmins are. Not just now but since centuries. Brahmins know this very well. They have used this anti Brahmin sentiment to unify the Brahmin community and thereby strenghtned it. They have cleverly subverted reservation in education. The Brahmin sangha boy Mr TA Pai was the first to create and introduce Capitation fee colleges in India. What an innovation. Now every community has capitation fee college including christians and muslims. In jobs they have ensured that they do a good deal of privatization and disinvestment post Mandal. Thanks to their tomato complexioned Brahmin boy Arun shourie and also our Khatri PM and chettiar HM. In jobs they have private sector. They finished the public sector completely. THe Aiyars and their non brahmin friends Nairs are still controlling whatever is still existing. 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kuffir said...


that's a very passionate comment and it took me quite a while to absorb everything you said. i apologize for responding late.

i don't think ambedkar has failed- ambedkarites have failed to respond to new dynamics, new environments, perhaps.

thanks again for your comment.

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