spot the non-brahmin..

..in this list. yes, at least half of them are brahmins. a kind commenter had suggested after i'd pointed out how many bharat ratnas are brahmins:
I feel having a list of people who are denied the award/position due to their class/caste will help to see the reality better.
another commenter had also offered a very logical explanation of why so many jnanpith awardees are brahmins. if a nation is defined in a certain way, all things national would also agree with that definition, right? we can't expect mules to win horse races. or even qualify for them.


praveen said...

First thanks for your time to answer my question.

I'm still baffled about what's stopping* non-Brahmins/lower caste (I'm really sorry for using the term "lower", bit it also shows the reality that the discrimination is still deep rooted big way in the mind) from prospering.

stopping* : As a normal citizen I feel Govt is taking enough measures to help them. Is it the implementation that's amiss?

But irrespective of this are the oppressed putting the extra effort to get out of this?

Tamilz Selvan said...

There is a way out - Reservations. The most progressive and contemplative thoughts of Ambdekar, Peryar and Mandal should be used to prevent such social atrocities from happening in the future. Yes reservations is the most sublime silver bullet that India has invented to curb the excessive Brahmin domination we see all around. And succeded in it havent we. To a great extent. We need to regulate film makers and film and censor board should ensure atleast 50% if not 69% of films approved are from SC/ST, OBC and MBC directors and producers. Also add in a dash of 20% minority quota -Muslims + christians + parsis + jains + buddhists (if they are not already included under dalits). This will prevent many potential Brahmin filmmakers to even enter the field. And lets see to it that in the next twently years no Brahmin should be given any major award. Bhimsen Joshi should be the last bharat ratna. We have taken well care of the Brahmins in the education field especially in pure science ever since brahmin oppressors like CV Raman won the nobel prize. But now we should focus on the other fields like pure arts. Tamilzh Nadu has already done this and the last of the Brahmin directors/actors like Kamal Hasan, Maniratnam and Thayi Nagesh are now in the climax of their careers. Social justice is very important and reservation is the only mantra.

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