bharat ratna or brahmin ratna?

at least 18 of them have been brahmins. not counting others i'm not sure about. most of the others are from other 'upper castes': vaishyas, kayasths, khatris, baidyas. one parsi, a few muslims, two christians. one dalit and three obcs (if you consider m.s.subbulakshmi, married to a brahmin and upholder of brahminical high culture, an obc).

the most important contenders this year too were mostly from the brahmin and other upper caste communities- vajpayee, jyoti basu, sachin tendulkar. one of them would've got it if some busybodies hadn't dragged in kanshi ram's polluting name. a minor consolation: vinod dua, who has been speaking against caste (i mean, the lower castes) since mandal 1 and barkha dutt, who has been speaking against caste (the lower castes, again) since mandal 2 have both been awarded the padma shri. rajdeep sardesai, whose caste speaks so eloquently, has also been awarded the padma shri, for proposing sachin tendulkar's name and elevating the debate on the bharat ratna (after some narrowminded spoilports, as i had pointed out earlier, had brought in some unsavoury names: like ram manohar lohia, a vaishya who hobnobbed with the lower castes and jagjivan ram, and so on) to a higher plane.

one feels, some people need to understand that a bharat ratna can't be awarded along narrow caste lines: one has to rise above caste and become a brahmin in order to claim that honour.


praveen said...

I don't know many details about the topic; but isn't it a mere coincidence rather than advisement that most of them are from that particular section?

kuffir said...


thanks for the comment.

coincindence? i'd very much like to believe it is so- but as the saying goes' once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern'...eighteen times?

i've no particular interest in that section- positive or negative.. but you'll find these kind of patterns everyewhere. among recipients of other honours, awards et. in all fields of organized, modern industry, in the bureaucracy, media, judiciary and law. in industry you might not find this particular section at the very top but you'll find a lot of them in the top/middle/lower management. according to surveys of people working in the media, over half come from this section.

i am only trying to illustrate the hold of the caste system on all things indian by pointing out this kind of 'patterns'..

more coming up..

praveen said...

I see your point. I feel having a list of people who are denied the award/position due to their class/caste will help to see the reality better.

prasad D said...

do you have dobt over their work passion and talent ,their devotion in respective field? if people from perticular cast contributing contineously for nation then whats the problem? looking at indian constitution you say its secular on the other hand you are blaming perticular caste ,isnt it contradictionary? instead of praising you are pulling legs thats what the problem with we indian ! see towards them as human being dont look their cast or religion..! it will be better for u as wel as for nation!

Anonymous said...

You Mr. kuffir or Whatever, So u say 1.Bharat Ratna Awardee Selection council is biased .? or
2. are u jealous ? or
3. Rather you should feel proud to be assoiated with brahmins in India that Indians are blessed with some grat talent Like Brahmins, But you are unhappy?
4. By reading your paragraph there seems to be jelousness because you never said they dont deserve it.
4. so u like to seperate people on the basis of castes.
5.If so y are u being profited from brahmin contributions from ages? why are u using digits in life? Please dont use mathematics coz it is invented by brahmins such as Ramanujan and Aryabhatta.
6. you should first learn to think later you could talk about bharat ratnas.
7. Isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

This whole blog post is baised... Mr kuffir seems to have hatred towards one specific community without any logic.. Do you really think one community is to blame for all that happened to weaker section.. People just look for reasons .. People should not blame one community for everything which happens to them... They themselves are in control of their future and no one can take it away from them. People within your own community don't want you to come ahead... As they want to use you as vote banks.. Please realise this..

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