formula one: works in delhi, but not in hyderabad

call yourself whatever fancy name you will: leftist, liberal, socialist, communist, nehruvian liberal, gandhian...but explain this to me: how is formula one ok for delhi but not so for hyderabad? mr.p.sainath?

as dr.rajasekhar reddy points out (in the second story), the track and the necessary infrastructure would've cost the state over 1000 crores over several years. but would've ensured employment for over 20,000 people directly, and over 50,000 indirectly. and let me rub more salt in: dr.reddy has been accused of siphoning away several thousand crores in the last three and a half years by all the parties in the opposition. including all those in the media who had hailed the voting out of naidu in the state and the ushering in of the u.p.a in the centre as a great victory for the poor in the country. so what was saved? and who was served? .

i'll tell you what could've been saved. and who could've been served. the race track would've meant several thousands of those poor migrants from mahbubnagar could've saved on the bus fare to mumbai in the past three years. and many of them could have found employment in the track coming up in their neighbourhood.

but sainath, i think, won't be able to offer his views on the issue in the near future. right now, he probably has to race to the next speaking engagement...and then the next..

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