telangana for idiots, of idiots..

i wish i could've said telangana is the opium of the masses. but nobody knows for sure it is so- the more fortunate, in terms of education etc., are more vocal on it. and so vocal that they have managed to drown genuine debates on development in the state in the last three years or so. i think the congress likes that: the congress has thrived whenever the focus of the public in any region (read punjab, kashmir, northeast etc) got diverted to emotive issues. and the parivar likes emotive issues too. there is another thing that congress and the parivar both like: smaller states. the pseudo-logic that both together have developed runs like this: it is easier to administer smaller states. don't ask 'how many districts in chhattisgarh does the government of chhattisgarh actually administer?'

the truth is that both the congress and the parivar find it increasingly difficult to survive in large states. it's much easier to arrive at 'power sharing' arrangements in states that have around a hundred assembly seats (witness goa). it's ok even if you manage to win only 25 seats or so- you'll always find two three 'regional parties' and enough 'independents' 'like-minded' enough to share power with you. and at the centre: all dissenting voices would have no choice but to cling to one or the other national alliance, headed of course by the congress or the parivar.

and don't mention federalism and other nonsense: what does it matter if to keep all indians together you've to break up linguistic minorities?


Anonymous said...

You are biggest Idiot that in the eyes of 3.5 crores people.

How come you are comparing telangana which is having more 5times population than GOA,2.5 times than delhi,2.5 times than chattish garh.

With out knowing the reality, people problems of the area, you are presenting insensible fads not the facts.

Pls don't talk like idiot , if you don't know the problem of telangana.

Jai Telangana,Jai Jai Telangana

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Telangana is beginning of end to India.

Soviet Union Collapsed, what happened?
Europe united what happened? 1Euro = 1.5 US$

Let’s guess what happens after Telengana becomes a state.

Naxlites become powerful.
Hyderabad looses some of it charm.
I don’t think a good chief minter comes and develop Telanagana.
Rest of the Andhra becomes two states Rayalseema and Andhra
People will suffer more under separate states because of Caste Religion so on so forth…

Don’t live in fantasy , Andhra, Telangan and Rayalseema will be doomed , eventually INDIA will be doomed. (As an Indian my heart broke , but is reality…)

Anonymous said...

Telanagna is not the opium of the masses, but for sure it is the opium of the pseudo-intellectuals. For instance look for the postings of one guy by name Sanjay Raj. If for a moment you forget who is, you will be mistaken that a Pakistani guy is pouring filth against India. They are that deplorable. For people like him that frequent sites like TDF, they are so obsessed and addicted to regionalism. To them as mundane thing as crows crowing is the fault of andhrites for not letting them sing.

Anonymous said...

you are indeed an idiot for writing this.

Jai Telangana

Anonymous said...

It is indeed opium of the pseudo intellectuals. I agree with above poster. If you read the post of this guy Sanjay raj, you will find what a drug addict is. He appears to be left over of Razakars. The biggest idiot is the one who is trying to
labor on the semantics of this blog but missing the real message. Taking about 3.5 crore people, in the last 60 years, they elected many idiots, and were incited by many idiots obfuscating their hidden agenda. Now some of these idiots got better idea on how to control these 3.5 crore people with no hindrance. There you are. Telangana for idiots.. of idiots..

Anonymous said...

Hyderabad will never be part of Telangana. If the ballot decides Telangana, the same ballot decides that Hyderabad is not part of Telangana. That will probably kill this idiotic movement.

smadhavr said...

Shame on you guys. Even educated guys are not understanding what is asked on what grounds. Telangana is loosing identity and Telangana is loosing its resources. When Telangana has so many resources and still so backwardness..... people are asking WHY?
By asking Telangana, they are not asking any Andhra guy to quit its land. By asking Telangana, they are not asking any Andhra land and resources. By asking Telangana, they are not asking for separate country.
They are asking Telangana because they became aware that they love to administer by themselves and would like to see their land has its own identity and their culture has its importance and dignity.
They are asking Telangana to improve their life standards. This may not be immediate but they believe in that.
You are saying europe is UNITING. I hope you did your education (though its not important where you did) properly. Did you see how small they are divided by administration? Do you know how to see the borders on the map?
They are divided to preserve their identity and better administration. But they do business as a group, which is well known as EUROPEAN UNION.
I read all the above comments by different people some of them made educated and civilized comments but the rest just wasted my time !!
Before anyone makes a comment first think why people of Telangana are asking for different state (read as STATE, not COUNTRY). Then argue on your point.
First when politicians said they will bring Telangana, people believed them and gave them such a majority. Just check the 04 poll results. That shows what people are really waiting for. When the politicians changed their colour and started running behind enjoying power and not strugling for Telangana and its issues, they straighaway rejected them (see 08 poll results). You should understand that even after Telangana forms who ever are crooks they will get their share of lesson. So just dont take name of KCR. He already got his share of lesson. If he still joins hands with TDP(considering it wont promise for Telangana) this time he will be rooted from his own constituency. Just come back and read my post after the elections coming in 09.
I am not fully aware of Devender Goud. He has clean history as of now. This may be attributed to the TDP cover which has put him secured. We need to keep watching what he can do and what he can't. If he do the same as KCR then he will also get his lesson. No one will be left. If he gets successful strategy to get Telangana and very good administration in place, then YES TELANGANA PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY TO SEE HIM AS THEIR FIRST CHIEF MINISTER. ELSE, HE HAS TO LOOSE HIS CREDIBILITY.
Before summing up, Telanganites dont hate any Andhra people. Even Telanganites also has best friends and even relatives in Andhra regions. So just an administration division doesn't create any physical wall between us as you know how easy to enter and establish in Bombay or Bangalore or Chennai if you want.
Hope this helps.

praveen said...

Its the idiots who say telaganas are idiots because once upon a time when british ruled us and enjoyed all the richness of India and used used to say Indians are fools and idiots but we know wht we are in the same way the people of Andhra came to Telagana and using all the benifits from Basic water to Termal eletricty from telagana region..It is sad to say from our brothers( Adhra) without knowing the history of telagana and the different commissions passed by Govt OF INDIA and the so called GENTLEMENT AGREEMENT 1956.So plz read the same and be educated before fingering at ur brothers and sisters....

Jai telangana
Jai Jai Telangana

Anonymous said...

Mana Desham Nasanam Avadaniki KAranam Kuda mana Rastram tho Start avuthndi daniki chala Happy ga Undhi Telugu wadu eee World lo Extinct avataniki dagaraki wachindi.Telugu ki Prachina Odha kadu Kanumargu aye rojulu dagara padi.Murukalaki wadu anni chepina Vinaru Desham Gudisi pothundi.............triatis

rajender goud said...

Jai TDP!!! TDP is only one who helped to wipe feudalism in Telangana.......Telangana divided also...we love TDP.....TRS is a feudal party....and KCR is stupid

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