mr.thackeray shows people without a place their place

india tries you very hard..some images stick in your mind, despite the fact that you think you've grown inured, hardened. like this recent news clip which showed pigs tearing apart a new-born baby outside a hospital. or this image from just yesterday: a group of youths slapping around a street vendor in mumbai. kicked basket, strewn samosas, slapped vendor- each of them worth as much as the baby.

think of the others who were shown their place- taxi drivers, scrawny passengers on equally decrepit local trains, paan wallahs. think of their place. in god's and mankind's scheme of things. what place?


harini calamur said...

the tag as pigs.... when did you see pigs behave like that ?

kuffir said...

on second thoughts, i think you're right. i owe the pigs an apology :)

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