think twice before you say you're twice-born

"The Karni Sena wants a ban on the film 'Jodhaa Akbar' an unconditional apology from its director for misrepresentation and social devaluation of Rajputs," Sena patron Lokendra Singh Kalvi said here.
if you were hitler's grandson, would you object to the portrayal of nazis in the film 'schindler's list'? wouldn't you think twice before you even step out and identify yourself as hitler's grandson? wouldn't you object to being identified as a nazi just because your grandfather was one?

it isn't nice to call yourself rajput: you weren't the only people who died fighting invaders. the nameless lower caste soldiers outnumbered you by a hundred to one. maybe more. but you got all the credit. and you claimed all the power after the wars too. just as you had enjoyed them before the wars. and you also enjoyed ownership of all the lands, waters and even the jungles. you fought more fiercely to protect the caste system than you fought the invaders. you shared power with the invaders, so that you could continue to oppress all the lower caste people who'd fought alongside you, after the wars ended. you were the sword arm of the brahmin. unless you still believe you are the master race or of a superior varna, how can anyone 'devalue' you? the terms rajput, brahmin, vaishya do not denote identities, they announce your continued subscription to an hideous ideology.

every time you call yourself a rajput or a brahmin you insult all the lower caste people of india who'd like to be acknowledged as human.

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manan said...

Dear sir,you have no idea of how many classes of rajputs have disappeared from north india. The armies in pre medieval india were composed mainly of kshatriyas,but any caste that wanted to fight was was also included in the army and paid.While it is true that many shudras and dalits perished during the invasions,it was after the elites had fallen and not before.The very fact that they were able to organize and fight after the fall of their kings shatters the claim that kshatriyas were enjoying the "waters,forests and lands".Obviously shudras/dalits too had resources without which nothing could have happened,and hinduism couldnt have survived.Or do you mean to say that the oppressed resuscitated their oppressors even when they had a chance to overthrow them? Doesnt happen as the helots revolted and fought spartan everytime they got weak.
One of the duties of a king is to ensure the survival of his people.Your accusation that they shared power with invaders should be seen in light of the number of jauhars that took place,the destruction of entire jatis and the water structures,and depopulation of cities by the muslim armies that compelled them to sue for peace.In your hatred of hinduism and sophomoric idealism,you dont mind sending everyone to slaughter.survival sometimes requires compromise.No wonder that most of the "lower castes" dont give a damn about what these activists say.
You should also analyze why jews,parsis and syrian christians were permitted to live only in india and nowhere else.

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