shuddh cow shit

this is one way of looking at these national awards: if bharat ratna is for individuals who build bharat, the jnanpith award is for those who define it. loosely.

in my last post, i'd pointed out that at least 18 of the 40 bharat ratna recipients until now have been brahmins- which means about half of those who built bharat are brahmins. if you think that's an oversimplification, that one community couldn't have built bharat, please check how bharat is defined. over 26 of around 40 jnanpith awardees until now have been brahmins- a bharat defined by brahmins could only be built by brahmins.

and if you think the relationship between nationbuilders and the writing classes is never so cordial, never so agreeable: do you think all of them received the prize for writing the same thing, or holding the same views?

not just agreement, approval, praise but even angst, dissent, rebellion, disapproval- everything has to smell like cow shit. if any shit isn't processed by some cow's holy entrails, tough shit, it won't be acceptable. if x, or another cow like him, disapproves of something, only y, or another cow like him, can disagree with him. any buffalo that butts in with its own shit is as welcome as bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

any questions, that concern india's present, past or future are best debated by the cows- only they've the right to lock horns. and on their elegant shoulders lies the burden of both: making policy and opposing it. of agreement and dissent. and that's holy shit..i mean, writ.


praveen said...

see this sir.


In BCCI's team "seven of the 11 men are indeed Brahmins"

kuffir said...

thanks praveen,

we'd linked to a few posts on this issue on blogbharti.

Wanderer said...

The info is good no doubt but the perspective is not right. I mean just look at the participation (I wont say Contribution) of the Brahmans in the public life. From the earliest of times the Brahmans due to their knowledge of letters commanded (?)the authority. There was nothing wrong in giving them recognistion. It is like saying that Bharat Ratna should not be given to Tendulkar because we never were blessed by Achrekar(Coach). In all fields of Engineering, Medicine, Governance and Legislation, if we look at the post 1990 scenario we will be convinced that the system is changing and Mandarin has not remained the domain of a selected few (Brahmans and Banias).

Dalitnation said...

Excellent blog. Very good writing on the Brahmin Scumbags. Also check our revolutionary site Dalitnation where we want to rip apart Brahminism from its Roots:

Tamilz Selvan said...

There is a way out - Reservations. The most progressive and contemplative thoughts of Ambdekar, Peryar and Mandal should be used to prevent such social atrocities from happening in the future. Yes reservations is the most sublime silver bullet that India has invented to curb the excessive Brahmin domination we see all around. And succeded in it havent we. To a great extent. We need to regulate and ensure atleast 50% if not 69% of Jnanapithas and Bharat Ratnas are from SC/ST, OBC and MBC. Also add in a dash of 20% minority quota -Muslims + christians + parsis + jains + buddhists (if they are not already included under dalits). Now in order to acheive this Brahmins have to be prevented from receiving any such awards. THats the way out. The moment the caste certificate mentions Brahmin the nomination papers for these awards should go to the Dust bin. Social justice is very important and reservation is the only mantra.

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