wasn't it from your blows...

weren't we of the superstructure until yesterday
how would we have any base
without any foundation
how can there be any structure

until now, building everything for you
became our only occupation
leaving us with no building of our own

look at that
marxism, ambedkarism
the ride on twin bullocks has begun
our madiga dappu had turned cold
having drummed the background score for you all this while
today, with reddening eyes it has turned warm again
readying to compose your funeral beat
wasn't it from your blows, sirs,
that we learnt how to retaliate?
the time will come
the time has to come
saved, like the sharpness of a knife,
the resentment so intently saved in our bellies
isn't it only now, sirs-
that it is gathering strength?
we are boycotting your courts
where those who should be in cages
sit on thrones and deliver judgments
the gun might be yours
but the hands that shall press the trigger are ours
we proudly declare!

my translation of the poem 'meeru koTTina debbala nunchE...' by kO.pra. found that in a recent collection of poetry by madiga poets called 'kaitunakala danDem'.


anu said...

Thanks for sharing, Kuffir.

gaddeswarup said...

As Ghantasala said long ago
"ఎంతకాలమిటు సహించియున్నా దోపిడి మూకకు దయరాదన్నా"
I cannot quite tranlate it. One more piece for Kuffir to translate.

kuffir said...


you're welcome. i'm trying to translate something you might like more.

swarup garu,

thanks to you, i found the ghantasala website- such a lovely collection!

Happy heart said...

Wonderfully written; one can almost feel the pain. Keep writing.

kuffir said...

happy heart,

thanks. and welcome to this blog.

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