a step back

PATNA: Rajput ‘paratha’, Bhumihar ‘poori’, Brahmin ‘kachauri’, Yadav ‘chapati’. Ever heard of these cuisines? These are allegedly served at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), Muzaffarpur to the medicos. Here a 'thali' is identified with the caste of the customer.
why don't they go a step ahead, or take a step back, and serve 'education' that is identified with the caste of the student?


apocryphal said...

hi, could u put up a searchbox in ur blog, please? I was trying to locate one of ur posts on a caste based analysis of supreme court judges, after reading fali s. nariman's interview in i.e.


kuffir said...


did you mean this?

but there's already a search box at the top, on the navigation bar. you can either 'search blog' (or 'flag blog':))

apocryphal said...

oh, ok.. I overlooked the navbar. thanks. will make ample use of both buttons :)

And thats the post. thanks again.

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