victims of hyderabad riots, december 1990.


SS said...

Timely. You have a long memory.

Madhat said...

Without google, how will I ever know what you refer to in your cryptic fashion... :)

Kiran said...

understandable sentiment but wrong. Poetic justice is no justice. RIP is appropriate only when there is a jury, a trail and a conviction.

anu said...

"you have a long memory" imagine the memories of the victims relatives. It must feel like now.

Kiran said...

That YSR had a hand is only an accusation not a proven fact and that too it was a political accusations. I don't recollect the victims themselves blaming him like it was with Modi.

SS said...

@ anu:
Absolutely. The "great leader" refrain is nauseating.

kuffir said...


over the years, i am sure, you too would develop a long memory- yes, i am assuming you are younger than me. india isn't kind to the young.


i'm sorry but that's the way some things have to be approached- very little of very recent indian history is 'objectively' recorded on the net. although you'd find many references to ysr's/groups within congress party's involvement in it and earlier riots in books/research papers etc. i didn't want to lead any reader to any 'subjective' link- and this is my subjective memory.

kuffir said...


this isn't about justce, nor am i gloating over ysr's gruesome death. i think this is a good moment to remember those who died, and those who suffered during the 1990 riots.

as for evidence and stuff, there is enough of it in the records of civil rights' activists and in the memories of those who lived through those times.

from late 83 to 89, during ntr's rule, there were no major riots. ntr was a rookie, a peasant who knew nothing about administration but he could eliminate all major riots during that period. how? because he told administration to act. anyone who lived in hyderabad in the 70s and early eighties remembers it as a city of riots. apart from other socio-economic reasons, one reason why riots don't die is because the ruling classes don't want them to die. most times, they're born because the ruling classes want them- in every riot in the late 70s and 80s, there was clear involvement of members of the ruling party, congress, apart from the obvious involvement of the hindutvavaadis and others.

if the ruling party wants a riot, and the administration looks the other way, riots can always happen. or more importantly they can be interminably prolonged or stopped abruptly.

if i was talking of justice, i wouldn't talk of only ysr, i'd also talk of chenna reddy who played a role in disturbances in the city for many decades. if you're talking about the kind of evidence that our courts and investigating agencies never find against bal thackeray or his pal, sharad pawar- i'm sorry, you must think india is a very mature kind of democracy.

Kiran said...


i think you post packed a far more punch be being far more specific than mere remembrance of victims. As a reminder of YSR's dark side it is quite appropriate as he is being idolized after death. But the post seemed as if you accuse him of murder and imply that hundreds of victims of the riots are awaiting his death or some sort of punishment.

YSR may or may have not the blood of innocent riot victims on his hands - he definitely did not have state power in 1989-91, nor does he command an organization engineered for rioting such as Shiv Sena or BD - its only human to give him a benefit of doubt. Your post dehumanized him - though I agree with your comment.

kuffir said...


whatever made you think that i am not accusing ysr of the death of all those riot victims?

there is enough evidence in my mind against bal thackeray , who was also not in power in the early 90s (nor in all the earlier decades when he was getting people killed), and against ysr.

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