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some interesting remarks made by commenter ghulam mohammed here:
The whole community that formed about 30 percent in British India, were divided in three antagonist groups, by Nehru and Indira, both Brahmins. In sixty years of Indian independence, Muslims have been so devilishly persecuted for the alleged sin of partition, that they had no confidence left to challenge the false propaganda of the power grabbers. In United India, one can see that Muslim population percentage with a democratic constitution, would have been ruling the whole subcontinent. I can go on and on, listing the sins of Brahmins and Brahminical conspiracies. The trouble with Sudie is that he cannot see his back. There is no smoke without the fire. If Brahmins are clearly pointed out as the culprits in the plight of the Muslims, one can see how all Brahminical political groups — Congress, BJP, Communists — all led by Brahmins are blatantly perpertrating crimes against Muslims and still hide behind the pious garb of secularism. A day will come, when the 3% Brahmins will not be able to concoct and flaunt the 85% Hindus as majorities.

If 3% Brahmins can conjure up a majority of 85 percent “Hindus” — by projecting 15% Muslims in Independent India, as the other, the ‘other’ who have supposedly divided ‘Mother India’, then no one should rule out the possibility of a 30% Muslim population of Indian sub-continent, after 60 years of freedom from British colonial rule, could have been overtly or covertly registered its overwhelming presence in Indian (sub-continental) politics and would have been virtually ruling India, just like the present 3% Brahmins, by cleverly organising through propaganda, a 85% Hindu majority and ruling the roost.

Thanks to Mandal, that unity of 85% is now fast disintegrating and all sorts of permutations and combinations are in play. Muslims are in serious disarray, but be rest assured that there is constant churning in their midst to regain their due. The mere mention of that possibility has ignited our friend. That is expected. He had never encountered an Indian Muslim speaking in these terms. It is the monumental scale of demonisation of Muslims, in India and abroad, that the virtues of a peaceful, humane and progressive Islam are not being given any thought to.

First I will start, with Congress. Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, PV Narasimha Rao, are all Brahmins. ManMohan Singh is a powerless appointee — the real power lies with Sonia Gandhi, a Super Brahmin, a white from a European country. If Congress had any place for non-Brahmins, we would have seen Sardar Patel at the one end, and Sharad Pawar at the other end of its 60 year history to have become Prime Minister, even from among the Congress members. The top place and total power is reserved only for a Brahmin. Only a Brahmin is eligible.

BJP: All RSS stalwarts, from Hedgewar, Golwalkar to the present Vajpayee and a whole list of leaders are all Brahmins. Advani had been given tough time, just because he is not a Brahmin. There is many a slip between the cup and the lips and we have to see if Advani can ever become PM.

CPM: Namboodiripad, Jyoti Basu, Buddhadeb, Prakash Karat are all Brahmins; so is the all the front ranking Communist party.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an echo

kuffir said...

welcome back, praada. :)

were you referring to the kancha ilaiah article?

Anonymous said...

yes ofcourse. As Ghulam mentions that he went thru dalit literature, we can see the influence in all his comments.

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