no one's going to light any candles for dead gujjars

certainly not at india gate. nor will anyone from jnu ever hold any marches for them- they'd have been celebrated if they were vietnamese or bolivians, not gujjars. not people stupid enough to believe in election promises, as a pundit remarked on television.

the brahminized classes use different scales for measuring these kind of problems. one poor brahmin among thirty would always rate more media attention and angst and breastbeating than 27 poor gujjars among 30. isn't are brahmins the dalits of today the most widely circulated article ever among indian netizens? i never expect much from the indian media, but the fact that such a pathetic piece of shuddhest cow shit was actually published by a news portal never ceases to amaze me.

let's try to get a grasp of the scale of the problem: there are more gujjars in the world than scandinavians. there are as many gujjars in india as there are scandinavians in the world. the swedes, the finns and the danes etc have their own nations, the gujjars are a part of india (and pakistan). or 2.2 of 100 parts of india. now, consider this: how would the swedes, or the finns or the danes etc feel if they were ruled by a government in which they had no more than, let's say, 5% representation?

0.11%, or 5% of their proportion in the national population - that's an objective estimate of the gujjar representation in the central government and public sector jobs, in my view, considering all the obcs together have 5% representation. now, look at the brahmins: they probably constitute around 30% of the central government. there are probably 30% more brahmins in the country than gujjars- does that account for the difference in the representation figures? you'd require a gautierian imagination to even attempt to answer that.

oh yes, they're probably better represented in the rajasthan government, but still not adequately, as the protests tell us. but several columnists, analysts, professors, countless articulate others will tell you the gujjars are a key component of the variously labeled and greatly reviled upper obcs. the buffalo nation. grown prosperous from the green revolution and now looking to secure urban assets like government and public sector jobs. jobs which actually have shrunk by more than a million in the last one decade. . yes, they're so prosperous that they squat on railway tracks and roads in 45 degrees centigrade and let the police shoot them down. that's stupid? yes, prosperous and stupid and dead gujjars don't deserve any sympathy. or candles.

now, consider this too: if the gujjars had their own nation, their own membership in the u.n., wouldn't bolivia and vietnam have stood up for them? stupid bolivians and vietnamese.

now, please, consider this too: would it be possible for lower obc communities, ranging from one tenth to one-hundredth (or less) the size of the gujjars to even dare think of persuading bolivia and vietnam to push for their membership in the u.n?

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Anonymous said...

Gujjars a racial gorup of dacoits and robbers. If they had a nation of their own the biggest question is how long it would last - maybe a day.

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