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quoting from an article on sudha bharadwaj in the telegraph:
She sat through all her examinations with an easy nonchalance, topping in each of them. Her five years at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, were a repetition of the story. A piping first class resting in her pocket, the world was at her feet, more so since, by virtue of the place of her birth, she was the possessor of an American passport.

She could have gone away to the US, earned academic plaudits and plenty of money in a university position. She could have joined a transnational corporation as some sort of a technical apparat. She could have become a management guru in India itself, or travelled high along the totem pole of the Indian administrative service. She did none of these. Once she reached the age of 18, she walked to the US embassy in New Delhi, disowned her American nationality, and returned her passport. Sudha then slipped away into the wilderness of the Chhattisgarh forests.

you didn't top in any of your exams, didn't sit through, with easy nonchalance, five years at iit, wherever. therefore, you couldn't have gone to the u.s., and earned 'plaudits and plenty of money', or joined some transnational corporation as 'some sort of a technical apparat' or become 'a management guru in india (shiver) itself, or travelled high 'along the totem pole of the indian administrative service'.

india must be very easy for you, chhattisgarhis. and the rest of you, indians. especially since you sacrificed nothing to enjoy all this wilderness.


Indian Home Maker said...

Oh My God! Loved this.

kuffir said...

thanks, ihm :)

Praada said...

nice p(r)ick

Anonymous said...

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kuffir said...




there are more popular blogs out there- please promote your ideas elsewhere.

Idiot said...

I don't see why you have to read so much into it. I mean the woman is doing something for the tribals, far more than you are, I see no reason to belittle her.

Anonymous said...

Its a reflection of Kuffir's deep hatred and disdain for certain class of people. This post shows nothing but you own inner demon of criticizing people based on their Birth.

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