asses in ananthapur

Two asses, maybe a combine.
One standing this side, another that side
As if in a trance.

"Who knows which way wisdom would dawn",
They decide to man both the sides, North and the South
One at one end, another at another.

Suddenly, the one manning the South bursts out into a neigh
Coming back to its original position
Running for some time round and round around.
The second one would neither move nor ask
As to what happened for the other one to so happen
Knowing full well that wisdom would only dawn
From this but not from that end.
a poem by ismail, the anubhuti poet, that i found at kritya (translated from telugu by dr.v.kondal rao). anubhuti poetry, ismail says elswhere, is the point where experience and feeling meet.


gaddeswarup said...

What is 'sarvodite'? Thanks.

kuffir said...

it refers to the 'sarvodaya' movement- a gandhian movement of selfless, social action largely popularized by vinobha bhave and jaiprakash narayan...

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