annihilation of caste

i'd taken this picture in a temple town in north telangana. now, i'd like to point out something that i'd originally missed when i was taking the picture, one of the first i've ever taken in my life (that's my excuse for the poor quality). i'm not talking about the statue, i'm talking about the banner strung across the railing protecting the statue. it says (you can zoom in and check if you can read telugu): 'vaishya sankharaavam' (or 'vaishya conch call', roughly). the banner is calling on all vaishyas, in a grandiloquently aggressive manner, to attend a conference of members of the community.

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harini calamur said...

then there is the GSB bank -- Gaud Saraswat Brahmin co-op bank etal.
there are marriage swayamvars - put up by leading media companies - by caste.
there are surnames that give out caste - what are sharmmas, or diwedi's or yadav or singh deo or nadar .....
there are matrimonial sites.....
then there are magazines like outlook which say - are smokers the new untouchables (or was it outcaste). ...the irony is unmistakable.

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