caste is supreme

april 24, 2007:

"If you could wait for 57 years, then you can very well wait for another six months,"

“We do not want to play the game first and then frame the rules. We want rules to be framed first and then play the game,” the Bench said, rejecting the Government argument that staying reservation for a particular class for this year could jeopardise the future of students.

september 3, 2007:

"The Union Health Minister shall affix his signature on 49 certificates/degrees as well as such other certificates of the students who need these to take admission for higher studies," Justice Bhatt said.

"The Minister shall sign the certificates within 24 hours," he directed.


Cosmic Voices said...

How can the meritorious students wait for more than 24 hours? In this age of intense competition, every minute counts for the meritorious students. Only if you had merit, you would understand their pain.

kuffir said...

my sincere apologies cv. was madly engaged in some urgently needed work. are you still in town?

Cosmic Voices said...

Thats OK Sir.

I am in mussoorie. It is three weeks since I joined the academy.

Aditya Swarup said...


posts a daily analysis of the reservations case in the Supreme Court. A good read.

kuffir said...


thanks for the comment. yes, i've been reading that blog for a few months now. my view is that the supreme court has usurped the right to define indian citizenship. and one would be acquiescing in its right to redefine rights if we see anything that's happening over there as anything more than a farce.

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