this definitely is ignorant nonsense

there is a petition being discussed in the supreme court which shall decide who qualify as indians. it'd have made sense if it had been discussed even a minute or so before midnight,15th august, 1947. so, don't look for any sense there. imagine you're watching an indian film and you won't be disappointed. or look at the other tamashas being staged for you- an eighty year old rationalist who doesn't understand that smoking bidis in temples isn't fashionable any more. or an eighty year old nationalist who doesn't understand that pointing fingers at the rationalist is nothing like pointing out a mosque. or eighty dozen revolutionary parties that want those whose indianness hasn't as yet been decided by the courts to ...well, not eat at mcdonalds. or eighty odd sutradhars from the ruling party who are busy stoking eighty odd fires so that those of undecided indianness may feel the warmth of the debate (over all those tamashas) those who don't need to be certified by any court that they're indian are engaged in. and feel happy that those participants are so un-ignorant.

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