not all black and white

had started on this post a few weeks ago, in the last week of december, more than a little surprised by many of the separatist politicians trying to paint the agitation as a battle between 'andhra capitalists' and their starving telangani victims....

he is the first minister from telangana to have sent in his resignation to the cabinet and to the assembly. he and his brother have grown very big as contractors in recent years, thanks to ysr's mindlessly huge and ill conceived (or maybe well conceived, if looked at from another angle) irrigation spending spree. learn more about him here and his growing business interests here. he sent in his resignations in order to avoid being upstaged by a fellow reddy mla and former home minister ( whose tenure was marked by the encounter killings of so many top naxal leaders that the cadres were driven away to the borders of the state and to chhattisgarh, orissa and even west bengal) in the politics of nalgonda, one of the most backward districts in the region. the latter's sons have interests in power projects. another champion of telangana from the same region, and another reddy, has interests in solar photovoltaics and solar thermal systems. this emerging industry depends almost totally on government buying for survival. and yes, it's good to have a congress government in the centre and at home. another mla and minister from neighbouring khammam, and yet another reddy, hadn't sent in his resignations yet (as on 24th december). but his brother, an mla from nalgonda, has. don't know as yet about the brothers' business interests but they do have expensive hobbies, as pointed out in this post. did they dabble in irrigation contracts? i don't know but the business-friendly environment created by the ysr government encouraged many of his enterprising colleagues to take a shot at it.

representing neighbouring khammam, he is india's richest mp with strong business interests, and he has also recently joined the telangana bandwagon. another mp , and yet another smart businessman-politician, has inherited his passion for telangana from his father, a former union minister. from the same district, karimnagar, a former mp and union minister has been a very vocal supporter of telangana for very long. is he a smart businessman? there are too many smart businessmen in the family. and too many politicians too. and to think these strong supporters of telangana should have gifted vizag the tallest building in the city!

have covered only a couple of districts (don't have the stomach to do more) but i hope you get the picture, realize it's not all black and white.

p.s. if anyone can add more colour to this picture, please comment.


Bhanu Prasad said...

Indian political system selects its representatives solely based on power of cash and family.

Charisma, Ideology and Efficiency does not matter at all.

Infact, this is common to all sectors. Films, Business etc.,

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

@Kufr Why dont you put in same effort to profile all the andhra politico-businessmen and their family interests.. I'm sure the same picture would emerge

kuffir said...

bhanu prasad,

well, yes. a society that's based on inequalities can only produce undemocratic politics.

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt,

don't need to do that, the info is all out there. your worry should be: 'have i put in enough time and effort to understand who these people leading the separatist movement are?'

and i don't think you've answered my last question, on another post.

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...


Where do the politicians get their power?? >> People

If they donot do things which everyone wants, They will be outcasted and they will never be voted back

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

I am not in politics nor do i own any businesses. I'm not even interested in being a part of them in any way..

However i believe and for very strong reasons that a Separate State is the only way in which the regional imbalances can be corrected(particularly in areas of water utilisation..

If you believe otherwise please give us your solution to the problem in a unified state.


Another question is dont u see the reason behind politicians opposing the state may be the same that their business interests(illegal) might be affected

All that i want to say is that Andhra Politicans are the same.. Politicians everywhere in India and rest of the world are also the same.

Bhanu Prasad said...

--Another question is dont u see the reason behind politicians opposing the state may be the same that their business interests(illegal) might be affected--

That is just a part of the reason. Hyderabad is a gold mine ready to be tapped. It's presence, infrastructure, presence of best of human resources from various corners of India will make it a duck laying golden eggs.

It is very difficult to build such city in Coastal andhra as it would involve displacing many people from their ultra fertile lands.

Sujai and his noobs, along with telangana intellectuals glorify their movement as a moral struggle and at the same time denigrating the aspirations of Andhrites as whipped up response.

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...


I had to look back at my previous posts>>

"i have no wish to prove you wrong or right. i only wish to know why do you think an influx from the north would've made telangana a 'cosmopolitan' state, and how would that've helped the local people?"

I was generally talking about the assertion that andhra's always make>> We built the human capital around hyderabad and that Telangana would have been educationally backward if it werent for the mergers..

All that i am saying is that people flock to cities because of its infrastructure and Hyderabad at that time(1950s) had that infra.. U can call it telangana's "blessing or curse"(curse because it was built suppresing the human development)

If u look at development since 1950s Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata have populations of greater than 15 million.. Now tell me what did kolkata do since independence to have a human capital of 15 million people.

Compare with metros of South>> Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad>>
7 million each..

I am not saying that that i prefer that scenario and that it would have been better than what hyderabad is now.. Andhras deserve much credit for todays Hyderabad but by laying claim to Hyderabad now you are just rubbishing the sacrifices of those in telangana during nizam's rule(or misrule).

Bhanu Prasad said...

--Andhras deserve much credit for todays Hyderabad but by laying claim to Hyderabad now you are just rubbishing the sacrifices of those in telangana during nizam's rule(or misrule).--

We do remember the sacrifices of people of telangana in bringing down nizam, the water they sacrifice for running the hyderabad city.

I would say that it is a common property and one party grabbing this crown jewel is a huge injustice

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

You did not get the city of Hyderabad separately with the Merger.. U also got other regions of telangana along with it.


U just cannot use whatever it is that u want and throw the rest in the dust bin.

The rules of the merger were broken hence it is null and void

I would say that it is a common property and one party grabbing this crown jewel is a huge injustice

And the claim developments over the last 10 years??

It will remain a crown jewel.. And treating hyderabad separately will be an even bigger injustice to Telangana because that it is the only thing going for it at the moment

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

Or should i say it this way>>

It was a crown jewel for 400 years which you are claiming now based on developments over the last 10 years

Bhanu Prasad said...

--It was a crown jewel for 400 years which you are claiming now based on developments over the last 10 years--

Kuffir has answered these in previous posts. I would not repeat it again.Hyderabad was nothing but a toy of luxury for nizam and his jagirdar's.

At the minimum hyderabad will be capital till Andhra develops its own infrastructure(10-15 years)

Kiran said...

"The rules of the merger were broken hence it is null and void"

A t separatist may lack common decency and a basic heart but he does appear to fancy himself as constitutional expert and a Judge on political affiars. "rules" ? "null and void" ? Not to acknowledge the validity of any legal claim here but people with a litigation mentality(and such a bitter one) may (at best) consider a career in law and not to seek giving direction to society.

"It was a crown jewel for 400 years which you are claiming now based on developments over the last 10 years"

Sir, are you aware that in lat 400 years Guntur and Krishna and the entire rayalaseema was within Nizam empire ?

Kiran said...

Last 400 years

Just a few facts on what administrations existed in Krishna district of AP in last 400 years . I will start from 1512 when Qutab Shahis established their Golconda empire.
1512 - 1713 it was with golconda empire with capital at Hyderabad
1713 - 1761 was with Nizam empire with the capitl at Hyderabad
1761 - it was the first province in modern AP to come under british rule.
1952 - present - part of modern AP with Hyderabad as capital.

Basically in last 500 odd years Krishna district had hyd as capital for 300 years and this the least amount of time any province in entire AP was without hyd as a capital. How can anyone approporate hyd just to telangana region? How can anyone use such harsh divisive language without elementary historical knowledge ?

Bhanu Prasad said...

Kiran gaaru,

You hit a home run.

First of all hyderabad was also capital for regions in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Will Jayashankar, Sujai and his noobs at his blog are prepared to form a state of all these regions?.

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

People here are thinking that this is a game of MLB and are planning to hit Homeruns??

Instead of abusing your opponent maybe you should give a concrete tamper proof solution to the problems of Telangana>>>

If you dont have them you should not be probably oppposing a solution that most people including well educated people think is correct for themselves.

P.S. In case you take the discussion towards the "evil intentions"(as you claim it) the people have,
These are the very people who were discriminated against in the secretariat,

Those people whose rightful government jobs were taken away by issuing fake mulki certificates,

Those people who had to dig 30 borewells to find groundwater to find groundwater so that they could use their land in some way, etc

Talking about decency>> Tell me who lacks decency??
Ppl getting fake mulki certificates

After the formation of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra(coastal andhra particularly ) has consolidated its irrigation systems, and is now even planning irrigate lands with 2 sources of irrigation water(polavaram)... Now what about Telangana>> While you are progressing no one objecting to it.. But donot do this at some other regions cost

What is the difference between the Nizams Rule and The Government of Andhra Pradesh then?

Plz give concrete tamper proof solution to the problems of Telangana rather than just name calling

Sridhar said...

Plz give concrete tamper proof solution to the problems of Telangana rather than just name calling.

May be we can start with a list of three most important material problems (and not things like self-respect, culture, bias etc.) that Telangana is facing in the United State and how they CAN and CAN NOT be solved in current state of geography and government composition.

kuffir said...

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt,

the first step towards resolving any problem is to posit it properly.

you are first presenting what you regard as a solution (separate state) and then trying to fit the problems to that solution. that's not a scientific/rational method of solving any problem/s.

the major problems you've talked about relate to water and jobs. those are two different problems: there's acute scarcity of water for irrigation in nalgonda, mahbubnagar, in particular, and lack of jobs for youth across telangana. how can one solution solve two different, major problems? by even beginning to suggest that a single, ready-made solution is possible/available for the two issues, separatists are already trivializing those two major problems.

but are lack of irrigation and jobs the actual problems? they are basically causes. lack of irrigation increases costs in agriculture and therefore reduces rural incomes. so, lower incomes are the problem. as for jobs, it's lack of growth in jobs through growth in industries, commensurate with increase in population, that is the problem.

in my view, one should explore solutions through 1) increasing incomes in villages with inadequate irrigation 2) increase employment opportunities for youth by encouraging more investments in industry. but i'm willing to listen to your views.

now that we've restated our problems: tell me how does a separate state solve those two problems?

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt said...

Great Now that you concede that IRRIGATION is a major issue>>

Let me tell you why a separate state is essential for telangana to utilize its water resources>
Krishna Enters AP through Mahbubnagar Dist even before it reaches Nagarjunasagar Dam

This was somewhere in 2006/07 when a few people made representations to the chief mionister YSR that irrigation should be provided to Mahbubnagar (Prof.Hargopal)

And this was his reply>> "Where is the water in Krishna?"

Didnt YSR know that water will be tapped before the Dam itself and that there is enough water to tapped from Krishna in Dist itself.

Or he doesnt want to jeopradise the interests of Andhra??

In a united state this will always be the case even if the chief minister or the deputy is from telangana, its interests wont be the foremost because numerically 175 odd> 115 odd

This is what has happened in the last 53 years

About the jobs>> This is what has happened.. We are not waiting for Govt jobs here.. Its just an example of how things work..

Even in the number of schools, junior colleges and degree colleges the regiopn is not at par either with andhra or rayalaseema.

In the kind of narrow minded fickle politics played today in this country its always numerically powerful that win..

The very institutions that were set up to prevent discrimination> Regional Development Boards and presenting budgets for the regions separately were suspended

kuffir said...

T[-]E Pr()DiGiSt,

sigh. i said 1) lower incomes of farmers in nalgonda/mahbubnagar are a problem,2)lack of jobs for youth in telangana is a problem.

i didn't concede or present irrigation as an problem: i said lack of irrigation could be one of the reasons for higher costs and therefore lower incomes of farmers. there could be a hundred other causes- but the cumulative effect of all those causes is lower incomes of farmers. please read my posts/comments completely before you come back with standard answers reeled out like unthinking machines by all young supporters of separation. i've already heard/read about the ysr/haragopal story many times. and my reaction is: even in a new state you can't go about building dams that go against agreed sharing terms. but. that's another issue.

finally, let me restate what i'd asked earlier:
how will you increase the 1) farmers' incomes in nalgonda/mahbubnagar 2) increase jobs for youth in telangana?

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