sacrificial lambs for a yaagam

kcr doesn't plan any major action without seeking any divine endorsement. he has to attend many pujas, visit several temples and perform a yaagam or two before he can step up to the cameras and announce his plans.

the students and agitators who were beaten up by the police yesterday were mostly from the always-good-to-be-lathi-charged lower castes. and the teachers and activists exhorting them to believe in the 'sacred' cause of telangana mostly represented assorted progressive streams of thought. what were they thinking? that a movement led by upper caste believers in irrational mumbo jumbo could bring about anything remotely resembling concrete social change?


Tukaram Ogle said...

Okay Agreed. Only rationalists who beleivie in Virgin Births and forty virgins in high heaven can bring about the revolution.

Kiran said...

I liked the title. With such "leaders" is there any hope for India ? more specifically AP ? The Telangana issue day in and day out has saturated the news channels crowding out debate on important issues like social justice, healthcare etc ..not that I expect miracles out of such debate but there has been a social price to pay for this idiotic velama led telangana movement

Anthony said...

Sure, what about the folks beaten up by the khatmals in the "sacred" ("scared"?) cause of "samaikyandhra" led by great dalit leaders like Lagadapati Rajagopal Chowdhary who follow "rational mumbo jumbo" like waving a flag & kissing fellow travelers of opposite sex & party. The "samaikya" icons are ofcourse dalit giants like Nandamuri Ramarao Chowdhary, YS Rajashekhara Reddy, Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu & the great seperatist Potti Sriramulu Gupta.

You may be biased against Telangana but one-sided arguments will not wash.

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