the heart of india

what's that? or, where's that? chhattisgarh, according to ramachandra guha and arundhati roy. and you thought they represented radically different points of view?

there's no evidence to suggest, not even in the most creative of hindu myths and legends which are considered the most authentic repositories of history by large sections of the brahminized classes, that hindus, in their 2,000 or 4,000 or 40,000 year history, ever treated the adivasis decently, euphemistically speaking. then how and when did they become indians? or the heart of india?

someone needs to seriously look into the sordid history of how adivasis were conned into becoming a part of independent india. but that's another issue, and what interests me right now is how all participants in the mainstream discourse on the 'heart of india' seem to know it's the 'heart of india'. none of them are questioning that premise. india owns chhattisgarh, the adivasis, their land. and reserves the right to deal with chhattisgarh, the adivasis and their land. the only difference of opinion is on the ways to go about it (some prefer 'democratic' methods, others suggest 'development' and so on), not on india's right to deal with chhattisgarh, the adivasis, their land.


Kiran said...

When there is no clear idea as to what it means to be an "indian" there is really no point in having an India. Arundhati roy is actually too tepid an timid to deal with the fangs of India.

SS said...

>>the sordid history of how adivasis were conned into becoming a part of independent india ...

Or how the aboriginals were conned into becoming a part of Australia, the Ameridnians into becoming a part of USA, the ethnic races a part of south Africa. Happens the world over, kuffir. Nothing special (euphemistically speaking) about India.

Ajit said...

Madhu Koda will be able to answer this. He of the shining Tribal alternative to the so-called brahminised classes and now the master of 2500+ crores he looted from the public. He will know.

Or maybe Dinakaran might know too. Another alternative to so called brahminised classes.

Or Mayawati. More thousands of crores vandalised.

The heart of India, pah!

Anonymous said...

Aborginals of India. Oh my I thought we all came from Africa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 12.59,

Try telling that to most of middle-class / upper-class India.

"Oh actually you know na, we are originally from Arabia / Persia / Central Asia / Europe / Germany / Siberia / France / Italy"

"When I go to Western countries they all think I'm Italian or Spanish or something hahahaha"



Subroto said...

Also add the name of Shibu Soren who played the tribal card to win. Read Shibhu Sorens histry to learn the violence and corrption. thankgod he is not a brahmin otherwise our dear blogger wold find more hatred to talk of brahmins.

So the 'tribals' Shibu Soren, Madhu Koda etc are good despite the largest scams, corruption, alleged violence in murder etc. ?? speak up. speak up.

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