of unspeakable crimes

from the website of The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (or simply, Claims Conference):
The mission of the Claims Conference over its 50-year history has always been to secure what we consider a small measure of justice for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. We have pursued this goal since 1951 through a combination of negotiations, disbursing funds to individuals and organizations, and seeking the return of Jewish property lost during the Holocaust. [...]

As a result of negotiations with the Claims Conference since 1952, the German government has paid more than $60 billion in indemnification for suffering and losses resulting from Nazi persecution
. Claims Conference negotiations have also resulted in the creation of funds from German and Austrian industry, as well as the Austrian government.
[emphasis mine].
the process began in 1951 when the claims conference was formed:

The Claims Conference had the task of negotiating with the German government a program of indemnification for the material damages to Jewish individuals and to the Jewish people caused by Germany through the Holocaust.

On September 10, 1952, after six months of negotiations, the Claims Conference and the West German federal government signed an agreement embodied in two protocols. Protocol No. 1 called for the enactment of laws that would compensate Nazi victims directly for indemnification and restitution claims arising from Nazi persecution. Under Protocol No. 2, the West German government provided the Claims Conference with DM 450 million for the relief, rehabilitation and resettlement of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution, according to the urgency of their need as determined by the Conference. Agreements were also signed with the State of Israel.

The agreements were at the time unique in human history. All three entities involved—the Claims Conference, West Germany, and Israel—had not existed at the time of World War II, and yet all entered into an agreement for compensation for crimes committed during that time. [emphasis mine].

wikipedia has some related information on the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany page.

will india, like west germany, ever acknowledge that …unspeakable crimes have been committed..(against the dalits)...calling for moral and material indemnity?


Anonymous said...

reparation is demanded for apartheid, slave trade too. Link

anu said...

>>ever acknowledge that …unspeakable crimes have been committed..(against the dalits)...calling for moral and material indemnity?<<


interesting parallel, difference though is that the crimes are ongoing here. an acknowledgement that unspeakable crimes have and are being done to dalits, followed by a complete stop to the atrocities would enable the grounds for an apology to be rendered only then can we begin the process of moral and material indemnity.

how is that going to happen? the holocaust ended and the world came together to condemn the holocaust, the jews campaign ceaselessly to restore the dignity of their murdered.

like i've said elsewhere, we don't know where to mourn our murdered brethren, there are no monuments, no lists listing the names of our people who were and are raped, murdered, their homes burnt and livelihood's lost. every inch of this blessed land is doused in the blood of my people, where do we begin to make claims for moral and material indemnity? your question to this shameless country as to when it will acknowledge this mammoth crime is just a rhetorical sound lost to the winds.

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