on minorities and minority shares

congress spokesperson manish tiwari objects to ex-royals using titles (like maharaja etc). and when is he going to drop his title 'tiwari'?

video clip on youtube, now being circulated wildly, says 'brahmins have become a minority'. weren't brahmins always a minority? and also marathas, reddies, malas, kayasths, bhumihars, mahars- aren't/weren't they all minorities? the description the clip carries says: '7 minutes clip exposes the reality that today's brahmins have become oppressed and marginalized'. ah.. to be a 'minority' means to be 'oppressed and 'marginalized'.

glad that the gautierians of india have at last discovered that to be a minority in india means to be oppressed and marginalized.

S.L.Rao, former director-general of NCAER, commenting on the budget observes:
"Leakages" are more than what reaches the beneficiaries. Increased spending on such schemes should have waited for the strengthening of the institutional framework, especially at the village level.

It's known that venal members of the administration rip off every social scheme.
he's talking about poverty alleviation schemes like the nrega. going by his wisdom, one can safely conclude that of this year's allocation of rs.39,100 crores for the nrega, at least rs.19,551 crores would leak (or be gobbled up by venal members of the administration and other termites in the middle)..and the intended beneficiaries would receive rs.19,549 crores if they're very lucky.

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Vishnu Tiwari said...

Well this is most stupid. I will drop my Tiwari surname when people stop calling themselves Khans, Jains, Pathans, Goldsmith, Patel, Ambedkar, Yadav, Jackson, Haq, Naz, Kambli, Kamble, Ghorpade, Reddy, De Souza, De costa, Bush, Blair, Singh, Khouri, Hourri ..... and ten million other names...

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