do upper caste poor constitute 14% of rajasthan's total population?

Brought by the previous Vasundhara Raje government, the Rajasthan Reservation Bill, 2008, providing five per cent reservation in jobs to Gujjars and three other communities and 14 per cent to the economically poor among the forward castes was cleared by the Governor last night.
we don't know how things will eventually turn out, after the courts and delhi are done with it, but the rajasthan government has brought in a new reservations bill which grants a 5% quota to the gujjars. the media will mostly focus on that, and will mention only in passing the bigger quota, of 14%, that has been set aside for the economically backward classes. who are they? the poor among the upper castes. do they make up 14% of the state's population?

the upper castes in rajasthan- the rajputs, brahmins and vaishyas are the major groups- account for 25% to 30% of the total population, according to most media estimates (published during the election season, mostly). even though indian media counts the twice born twice, most of the time, i am going to go by the numbers it reels out- the higher figure, in fact- of 30%.

are half of rajasthan's upper castes poor? if yes, they need serious help, mere reservations won't do. call in the united nations.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. I just love to see reservation suckers squirm and squeak.

anu said...

totally funny :) sublime becomes subvert. the upper castes are finally catching up on the art of subversion, so far pretty good 'reservations without whining about merit' Mandal your new God eh? is called *the appropriation*, you are aces at it, When the measles got to you Mariamma became a Devi, now Mr Mandal will get a new temple, i love to think of the squirming that will result from this reservation when the poojari ask the gothra of the 14%. fun, funny, funnier that's life in the caste game. That is if the Poojari ain't in that list too :)

anu said...

DR A, is the first of the new Gods and then Mandal (interchangeability forbidden!!) that makes it two more to the Hindu pantheon.

Good read: Web reference

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