mp slaps bank manager

google using those keywords and you'll come up with thousands of search results. and most of the initial pages contain relevant news stories. try with these keywords: 'j.c.prabhakar reddy abuses officers' and you'll come up with 33 results, not all of them very relevant. the second incident happened around an year ago, it involved an andhra pradesh minister's brother- he used choicest gaalis against two state government officers (who had objected to his company running buses on unauthorized routes), in full view of television cameras. somewhere in there, in the flow of his eloquence, he also seemed to inquire, not very solicitously, why a toddy tapper and a barber thought they were competent enough to become officers.

what does all that mean? not many people seem to be curious about how an upper caste politician abused lower caste individuals even if they had earned what could be termed positions of respect (if i remember correctly, one of them was an ias officer). a dog-bites-man kind of news? which also means the news media lost interest in the subject after the first few days.

the dalit mp who slapped the bank manager (because he was denying loans to some of the mp's lower caste constituents) was earlier in the telugu desam and had switched sides during the trust vote on the nuclear deal (some say, for a large amount of money and the promise of a congress ticket in the elections). not a very upright character, but there is still the question of the search results- why are so many people curious? or rather, why is the news media so generous in its coverage?

the second incident never made it to the national news on television (correct me if i am wrong), but the first seemed to hog prime time news and debates yesterday. why?


PM said...

Nice post as usual, kuffir. Your style of writing in this post reminded me a lot of dcubed.

- PM

Pandari Dalitam said...

Outrageous. Dalits should be allowed to do anything they want even murder. After all the Minister's people was oppressed for 5000 years (0r was it 10,000 years) by the Bank Manager's people. A slap is a small reaction to such a monumental oppression.

kuffir said...


thanks :)i like dilip's writing too.

pandari d,

thank you too.

Anonymous said...

Your have an anti uppercaste propaganda and always try to find faults with uppercaste people.

Your so called dole scheme didn't win elections for CBN.

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