peeing on the wall

first woman speaker. they can't claim: first dalit speaker. i won't go back to the ruling party's efforts to derail the efforts to make the first woman speaker's father the first dalit prime minister of india three decades ago, but I am glad that it is closing in on the lead of the much regressive regional parties- it's only a decade behind them now.

another tokenism much celebrated- the nrega. i wonder if praful bidwai has ever closely checked the figures on this site? some simple arithmetic would tell him that not even 2% of rural india could have benefitted from this display of care. and i'm not even talking about leakages.

black money. here is ashok desai peeing on the wall that divides most of india from his kind of people, the ruling classes:
It is much simpler for them to park money in real estate.
on the other side of the wall, where 80% of india is crammed together on less than 20% of available living space, that wouldn't be remembered as a smart argument against mr.advani- he could as well have said: let them eat cake.

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