the badlands

"There's such a big difference between life in New Delhi and life in the Chambal Valley ravines. There are two codes, two sets of mores, customs, and legalities. In New Delhi people are so much more duplicitous: they promise you things, and then behind your back they do precisely the opposite. In Chambal they'll say things openly, they'll shout it from the rooftops, and then they'll follow through. City life is very different; you have law courts. But out in the valley you can do things your way, and by the will of God."
phoolan devi, who escaped the chambal valley to die in delhi. and he survived kargil, only to die in delhi. an old story and a new one, picked randomly at the end of a lousy day and they seem to convey the same ominous message.

and this guy thinks india trusts delhi. just as many senile commentators in the media- if this was a vote against regionalism, why did the two national parties together poll 2% less votes than in 2004?

somebody tell these guys, democracy starts in the states and a fat delhi means more chambals.

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