what's more disgusting than the state of government schools? school vouchers. what's more disgusting than vouchers? iits. what's more disgusting than iits? that i should also pay for air india (never mind if i haven't ever seen the inside of a plane). what's even more disgusting than that? that i also pay for the salaries of certain dons in jnu who think i belong in the middle ages.


Shanth said...

What is wrong with a voucher system which provides direct access to private education for those who can't afford it now?

kuffir said...

you mean the public should fund your private education?

Anonymous said...

if you'd like to make an argument about how the public interest in mass education is not served by vouchers, make it. punch dialogues don't inform anyone or even take the idea of discussion with any moral seriousness.

why should the public fund anyone's education? once you have answered that, describe why those purposes require or are furthered by the administration of the schools being run by the govt, rather than outsourced. then explain what makes educational vouchers different from the direct cash transfers you are otherwise so keen on. but all this would require some mental effort -- and even more arduous for you -- some minimal respect for the faculties of the people who read you...

and let me say explicitly what would be obvious to any disinterested person, that i'm not writing this out of any support for vouchers. i'm writing it out of support for decent dialogue.

kuffir said...


my punch dialogues seem to have worked- you seem worked up enough to throw personal insults.

as for why do i not support vouchers when i support direct transfers- if you haven't already learnt the answer from reading my blog (which you seem to have)- what can i say? i'm not going to make any suggestions on how some arduous mental effort might help, because i am sure any disinterested person would agree with me that throwing insults around does not constitute or foster 'decent dialogue'.

from your comment, nothing about your stand on both the issues you've touched upon is explicitly clear to me except that you nurse some clear animosity towards this blogger- but i appreciate your arduous efforts to overcome that and refrain from using pure gaalis in your comment. as a measure of thanks, i'll leave a one line explanation for your questions. i don't believe in vouchers because they reinforce and foster the existing caste and class based inequalities in the country (which schools are actually supposed to help reduce by offering everyone, despite class and caste and gender etc, equal access to some basic tools to become more aware and capable citizens and individuals) and i believe in direct cash transfers for the same reason- that they help fight inequality and deprivation much better than conventional poverty alleviation schemes.

thanks for your comment.

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