your 15 minutes are up

  • a lack of ethics, responsibility and professionalism by Ms. Dutt and NDTV Limited;
  • that Ms. Dutt and NDTV's reporting at the scene of the Mumbai attacks during November 2008, resulted in jeopardizing the safety and lives of civilians and / or security personnel caught up in and / or involved in defending against the attacks in Mumbai in November 2008;
  • that Ms. Dutt was responsible for the death of Indian Servicemen during the Kargil Conflict.
an apology for expressing an opinion? perhaps, it would have made much more business sense if he'd smsed his comments to you? i am thinking some very defamatory statements now- maybe, i should also think an apology, just in case.

when it matters, we know now what certain people west of punjab would like to watch, most. unapologetically. next time, they might go on air (or go to sea) only after making sure you're in an ethical, responsible, professional condition to be around.

hell, they might be the only people watching you.


The Comic Project said...

Maybe bloggers should have an "Unconditional Apology" page along with the "About me" and "Contact" pages :-)

kuffir said...

the way i see it, shouldn't they, i mean the media, be happy that we're actually discussing their performance despite the overall shoddiness, as kunte pointed out, of it?

welcome to this blog, tcp :)

Jo said...

What an apt title to the post :-)

Anonymous said...

From a moral and ethical argumentative standpoint the news organisation is absolutely in the wrong.

But they have been clever/stupid/hamfisted (depending on your your particular orientation). They held the law book to Kunte and he panicked.

This brings us to the question of whether Kunte is actually liable under law. A reading of the law (IPC, Defamation Act) suggests that the charges would stick.

So, contrary to the widely held belief the internet is radically transforming the public sphere. Rather the existing social and political hegemony is neutering the radical potential of the medium.

The solution is a radical overhaul of the politico-legal system.... which brings us to some real and interesting issues.

kuffir said...


thanks :)


agree with you on the blogger's culpability and the ethical argument..

changes in the politico-legal system? i read on your blog that the law itself (on defamation) is around 150 years old..change is needed. one that'd make way for more democratized debate, one hopes.

Anonymous said...

kufr. Yes, the law needs an overhaul.

Barkha Dutt has acted in a manner that lets down what she stands for, which has been carefully crafted.

In a way, it is good she did so because the true colours of our "liberals" shows.

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