annihilation of caste

i'd taken this picture in a temple town in north telangana. now, i'd like to point out something that i'd originally missed when i was taking the picture, one of the first i've ever taken in my life (that's my excuse for the poor quality). i'm not talking about the statue, i'm talking about the banner strung across the railing protecting the statue. it says (you can zoom in and check if you can read telugu): 'vaishya sankharaavam' (or 'vaishya conch call', roughly). the banner is calling on all vaishyas, in a grandiloquently aggressive manner, to attend a conference of members of the community.


this definitely is ignorant nonsense

there is a petition being discussed in the supreme court which shall decide who qualify as indians. it'd have made sense if it had been discussed even a minute or so before midnight,15th august, 1947. so, don't look for any sense there. imagine you're watching an indian film and you won't be disappointed. or look at the other tamashas being staged for you- an eighty year old rationalist who doesn't understand that smoking bidis in temples isn't fashionable any more. or an eighty year old nationalist who doesn't understand that pointing fingers at the rationalist is nothing like pointing out a mosque. or eighty dozen revolutionary parties that want those whose indianness hasn't as yet been decided by the courts to ...well, not eat at mcdonalds. or eighty odd sutradhars from the ruling party who are busy stoking eighty odd fires so that those of undecided indianness may feel the warmth of the debate (over all those tamashas) those who don't need to be certified by any court that they're indian are engaged in. and feel happy that those participants are so un-ignorant.


caste is supreme

april 24, 2007:

"If you could wait for 57 years, then you can very well wait for another six months,"

“We do not want to play the game first and then frame the rules. We want rules to be framed first and then play the game,” the Bench said, rejecting the Government argument that staying reservation for a particular class for this year could jeopardise the future of students.

september 3, 2007:

"The Union Health Minister shall affix his signature on 49 certificates/degrees as well as such other certificates of the students who need these to take admission for higher studies," Justice Bhatt said.

"The Minister shall sign the certificates within 24 hours," he directed.

sonia visits andhra pradesh but..

..can't find her way to lumbini park. she also didn't know the way to gangavaram, mecca masjid or mudigonda. and she didn't have any time to talk about farmers' suicides, or weavers' suicides, even though on both counts her government had recorded a much better performance than the previous government! and in only three years (as compared with the inefficient naidu regime which took nine years to achieve those figures)!
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