digging trenches, filling trenches

like i said (or made a very cynical forecast ) here, citizens who signed up for the employment guarantee scheme in a village in vizianagaram district (andhra pradesh) are filling up a tank they had dug up a year ago (for the food-for-work programme). the project director, accosted by television reporters, offered a very longwinded explanation ....and a long sheepish grin. the channel, which reported the scam, also says most of the small-time political leaders in the region are making good money from distributing 'the right to work' among select applicants/non-existent benami applicants.
also, another nosy reporter had discovered, a few weeks ago, that jobcards had been issued in the names of a lot of, not benami, but namcheen applicants in madhya pradesh. lucky applicants included some top babus in the state government, mlas, ministers and..
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