brahmin journalist bags magsaysay award

a brahmin journalist is one of the seven winners, announced yesterday, of the magsaysay award this year. read also: obc candidate tops ias exam.


Anonymous said...

And why bring up the caste? Any particular reason?

kuffir said...

yes, why bring in caste?

gawker said...

Anil : Did you read the two links?

Madhat said...


Niket said...

I also posted this reply at Nanopolitan.

Sorry kuffir, I don't quite agree with you.

When I was in my seventh or eighth grade, news articles throughout the state of Maharashtra read "slum dweller tops board exam." No one writes "resident of a three storey building tops board exam."

There might be two reasons for the IBN headline. First, because it represents "against all odds" storyline. Son of a humble farmer, a poor villager, an OBC, has topped the exam. Second, reservations have created a special category for OBC in our mindset. Unfortunately, and I hope I am wrong on this, he will be remembered as that OBC (that referring to "the one who topped").

I don't think there is necessarily an inherent bias working here. The correspondent / copy-editor may or may not have his blinkers; the headline isn't an indicator of bias IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Why not bring in caste? Caste is as much a reality of India as race is in America. Some may want to wish it away, but it is not going away.

OBC candidate tops is a positive affirmation of OBC achievement. Its not like OBC IAS takes bribe. OTOH, hiding Sainath's caste is hiding a postive affirmation of Brahmin achievement. Kuffir is bringing balance. So, why complain.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the reports, but I will ask anyway - is there a OBC in IAS? If there isnt, then the numbers make interesting reading, i.e 144 OBC out of 474 (~30%)

Anonymous said...

* I meant, OBC quota

kuffir said...

anon (last two),

the obc quota was introduced in central govt after mandal was okayed by the courts..in 92 or so.
interesting that you should point out the percentage is below 30. because this article - http://backwardpeople.blogspot.com
ion-in.html - by sharad yadav (can't find the original msm link) explains how the top brass in upsc cleverly manage to keep the percentage of obcs recruited just around the madatory 27%..every year.

kuffir said...

hi, gawker, madhat.

i've done another post in response to some questions.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now I get it! Sorry should have realized it before.

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