terrorists, and still strutting around

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BJP president G Kishen Reddy said national leaders and important functionaries from other states would also come down to participate in the `jan jagaran' programme. As part of the week-long phase I of the programme, the party would reach out to the people and expose the corrupt Congress government on price rise, black money and scams like 2G spectrum, CWG, cash-for-votes and Adarsh society. "We will distribute pamphlets, take out padayatras, scooter rallies and public meetings from April 6 to 11. During the 10-day second phase beginning April 20, rallies at mandal level and public meetings will be held. During the third and final phase of the programme, national level leaders would participate in the district level meetings," the BJP state president said.
the whole world knows now that the parivar was behind the mecca masjid blasts. the ruling congress establishment seems unwilling to investigate the parivar's connections with other blasts in hyderabad. and the bjp now is one of the foremost champions of telangana. the left-liberals, from all the universities in the region happily collaborate with the parivar hordes in the so-called telangana movement. they're all hindutvavaadis now.

it isn't as easy for the ruling classes to shove the few top parivar leaders in the state into prison as it is to pick random poor muslim kids in hordes and to torture them, i suppose. but why doesn't the parivar itself organize some kind of a 'jagaran' programme to tell us how it planned and executed those bomb attacks? to reach out to the 'people' who were not bombed? no one's going to question them, anyway. definitely not the separatists. 


Kiran said...

The ease with which "left liberal" people have aligned with neo-fascist telangana movement is indeed dismaying. Perhaps in this caste ridden country clasiifications such as left and right are not really that meaningful. Prfo haragopal when he open his mouth sounds very brahminical (not the same as a brahmin) and he is left ?

Also I really enjoyed your poem. If I am not mistaken it describes the misled bahujans of telangana who are offering themsevles to a fight which is purely an ego clash between telangana land owning class and andhra neo-capital castes

kuffir said...

thanks, kiran. yes, you're right..our universities seem to have spawned a new shakha of brahmins..

the poem was written in a lot of anger.. when the dalitbahujan activists and upper caste sponsored leaders choose to ignore facts and reason.. i wish more people would stand up and tell them that they're not pursuing a fictive 'people's' agenda, but a very sectarian, divisive programme.

Jai said...

Kuffir, off topic but just wanted to know your take on Anna Hazare & Lokpal.

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