powerless garlic

if four-fifths of indians live on less than rs.20 a day, how many would be able to afford meat every day? or every week? or..

the promotion of veganism in india isn't a joke, it's an expression of deep-seated hatred, i'm beginning to think. how this person must despise those who don't eat 'pure' vegetarian food!
"I am following in the footsteps of great people like Mahaveera and Mahatma Gandhi. It is also scientifically proven that vegetarian food is best for human beings. Many people from different political and religious backgrounds are supporting my campaign. I am not going to back off because of a few threats," Munnoth said.

Munnoth has put up about 700 banners across the city and distributed 30,000 books on vegetarianism among school students. Munnoth's banners read, "Be kind to animals, go veg", with a cow saying, "Don't kill me." The banners are in English, Hindi and Kannada.

Munnoth, who also produced a Kannada film 'Auto' last year, says his concern for animals and cows in particular is not a publicity gimmick. "My cause is genuine. I have been promoting vegetarianism for quite sometime now. Thanks to the on-going ruckus surrounding cow slaughter, I have become a convenient scapegoat," says Munnoth, who has invested a significant amount of money into his campaign. Munnoth received the threat calls earlier this week.
be kind to animals, go veg. is that really why some indians promote vegetarianism? to promote compassion? how much compassion goes into food produced in places where children have to eat dirt sometimes? there's this stall that sells 'home-made' pickles at the supermarket i visit. most times, i've to buy pickles without garlic. i can only admire the power of those who eat pickles without garlic. it is godly.


SS said...

Heh. And people who eat pickles doused with asafoetida? Even the gods are in awe of them! :)

Kiran said...

There is a full assualt on the protein sources of Dalits which are essentially beef and pork. When dalits are forced to migrate to town and cities for manual labour there is likely to be a clear deteoration of their health as cheap sources of animal proteins are no longer available to them. On the other hand the protein sources favoured by caste hindus esp milk is available in abundance and at reasonable cost throughout the country

kuffir said...


yes, i was talking of those kind of people, generally. minorities who can even bend the market to serve them first.


yes it is an assault.

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