the itch to score points

google 'dalit' and pick news. i did, and found: dalit funds misused, dalit girl dumped, justice for dalits aborted, dalit students seeking security, naicker girl burnt alive for eloping with dalit...

and: dalits face boycott..girl forced to drink poison for living with a dalit.. and so on. that was the first page of results. if anyone wanted to understand what the term 'dalit' means, that one page would have served as a very good primer. such a holocaust packed into that one page!

i moved a couple of pages, searching for some less depressing news. on page 4, i found rahul gandhi. the tone of the article was actually more depressing..you would think rahul gandhi was being held up as the solution for all the misery represented by the preceding pages. savour this line:
“When Rahul Gandhi goes to the home of a Dalit to share a meal, Mayawati’s stomach starts itching!” shouted one speaker at a rally.
does rahul gandhi google, i wonder. if he did , i think he'd be deeply ashamed of scoring points, especially through the family's chamchas in the press. and would also learn the difference between poverty and dalitness.


Sampath said...


Anything good that a person belonginmg to a dalit community does, it is never seen as a dalit thing.

For Example: Meira kumnar- first women speaker of the parliment is dalit..

Does this show on the google pages...It will definetely not in fisrt 3 pages...I am sure not many people know that she is dalit...infact I am sure not many people from dalit commnuities know she is dalit either..

There are other examples like this. The point I am trying to make..the word dalit is seen and reffered in bad things..which is s

Anonymous said...

Pasting a comment from Nalamotu Chakravarthi Choudhary's blog for your reference:

satya says:
September 27, 2010 at 2:22 am

Venu, as u said similar incident happend in the case of karamchedu also. Ours is a village less than 10 kms vicinity to karamchedu. The village of the so called Scheduled caste comes before the village of karamchedu which is little far from the main road that connects to parchur. *Some* of The youth of the SC/ST populated village used to assualt the women who returns to the village by that road during late hours either from colleges or after watching a movi. This became a regular practice for those after repeated warnings finally resulted into the saddest incident. by the way, the population of SC/ST are little higher in and around chirala and parchur. Infact one used to face reverse discrimination in the colleges from lecturers and these youth.
One cant go by press statements all the time related to such incidents. One of my father's friend who works for PTI those days came to the village and gathered the information from eye-witness and taken the data from others. After he drafted the news my father had a look and wondered at the reporting of one sided story and asked him why he didnt put the incidents happend before. The answer came from is, if I write it, my job will get sacked the next day. There is only standard words one should use like agravarnala durahamkaaram, atyaachaaram etc..
Though I don't support the incident and I am happy the convicted got the maximum punishment I just want to put the facts that are known to less public.

Anonymous said...

To the @Anonymous above

Is there any reason to add your own surnames/middle names ??
Nalamotu chakravarhi goes by his first and last name. I follow his blog..He doesnt refer himself as choudary anywhere !!!

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